General Hospital Spoilers, Monday, January 30th: Shocking Findings and Legal Bindings


“General Hospital” spoilers, Monday, January 30th, reveal a day of terror for Liz and fury for Anna.

This Can’t Be Happening

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) begins the week by uncovering something appalling. She’s now Franco’s (Roger Howarth) on-again/off-again girlfriend, so that’s par for course. Franco is in dire straits, so perhaps this finding will lead to his rescue.

Nina’s Maternal Side

Nina (Michelle Stafford) has waited so long to be a mother. Now that she’s married to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), she has someone to be a mother figure to: Charlotte. However, there’s someone else who wants to fill the same role: Lulu (Emme Rylan), of course. Monday Nina has Charlotte’s best interests at heart.

Get Over It, Valentin

Anna (Finola Hughes) lays into Valentin, meanwhile. Since they’re past secrets are coming to the fore, neither of them has been too pleased. There’s a difficult history and a difficult present between them. This gives them both lots of reason for consternation.

Anything She Says Can and Will Be Used Against Her

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is facing up to a lot lately. She’s admitted she’s an alcoholic, and Monday she wants to work with the authorities, who are trying to find out who kill Tom Baker. She loves her life, ultimately, though, and wants her law license back. So, how far will she go to see that justice is done.

Franco, Meet Karma, Brought to You by Seth

Franco comes face to face with Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick). This brother is clearly not pleased at Franco’s treatment of Tom. And, Seth thinks the Todd killed Tom. This won’t be pretty!

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  1. So sick of Elizabeth!
    So sick of Franco!
    So sick of Friz!!!

    They can both be back-burnered for a long, long time as far as I’m concerned.

    I thing Roger is a very good actor, but he and Rebecca, together, are awful!

    Rebecca is an OK actor, but the character of Elizabeth is a sanctimonious bitch, so I just want to see her taken down!

    The two of them together are gag-worthy.

    Nuff said.

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