General Hospital Recap, Tuesday, January 11: Breaking Points and Bad News


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By Joann Hernandez Skutches

General Hospital recap: Nelle is surrounded by confrontations, Nathan gets shocking news about Claudette, and Franco confides in Kiki.

Trouble in Canada

At the cabin in Canada, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Maxie (Kristen Storms) arrived in the maple leaf country hoping to pursue more questioning of Claudette’s mom. They are eager to get married and move into a house, under one condition. Nathan wants a moose-head like the one in the cabin. As a pillow fight ensures, a knock at the door interrupts the fun. A police officer tells them about a drowned suicide victim found a month ago matching Claudette’s (Bree Williamson) fingerprints. They agree that Claudette’s mom should be told, while Nathan worries about Charlotte.

Franco and Kiki Bond

Back at Franco’s apartment, returning home, Franco (Roger Hogarth) is offered leftovers by Kiki (Hayley Erin). She asks what he’s looking at on his phone, he says it’s nothing. Kiki recounts her trip and Dylan was the reason she left. Franco’s hesitant to burden her with his troubles. She’s curious, so he shares that Tom Baker’s dead. Franco knows who killed him but hesitant to report her to the police, because he’s already cause damage to her family. Believing that it would be self-preservation, Kiki is discouraged that he won’t turn the woman in. Franco makes her promise not to say anything, She says she isn’t going repeat any of their conversation. Franco has new motivation to stay out of prison, though, when Kiki tells him Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) stopped by earlier.

Julian Helps Alexis

At Alexis’ house, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is frantic about her future and going through severe alcohol withdrawal. She ask Julian (William deVry) to help her jog her memory, because he won’t stop talking about her not having a drink. She remembers talking to Gene the bartender, and expresses surprise that he covered for her. Julian tries to walk her through what happened, begging her to think like a lawyer. She envision Tom Baker in front of her saying, “You’re dead!” She starts to hallucinate that Tom Baker thinks she would know since she’s the one who killed him. She doesn’t want to think about him. “Tom” offers her a drink. She refuses it but continues talking to Baker, while Julian tells her she’s hallucinating. Suddenly bringing her fist up, she sees a bloody knife. It’s Franco’s knife, which turns into Helena’s dagger. She argues that it’s Julian’s fault, because he hurt her so badly. She begs Julian for a drink. She cries as he holds her.

Realizations at the Roadhouse

Over at the Roadhouse, Jason (Billy Miller) finds a picture and hands it over to Sam (Kelly Monaco) to look at. The boy in the picture seems familiar to Sam, and suddenly she realizes it might be Julian. Jason can’t figure out reasonable connection, so he suggests Sonny might know. 

Sonny Puts Nelle in Her Place

At Sonny’s house, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) rushes in but is confront by Sonny (Maurice Bernard) about keeping her mouth shut! He wonders why would she tell Carly (Laura Wright) she’s seeing a married man. She ask him, “What should I have done?” acting flustered and apologetic. Sonny tries to make her understand that it’s best if she doesn’t say anything, and he doesn’t need her protection. She says she’s sorry, and it’s not her fault that Carly leapt to conclusions on her own.Sonny stares thoughtfully at Nelle as Jason and Sam arrive. Nelle leaves, as Jason tells him about the recent events at the pawn shop. Jason believes they’re getting closer to who planted the bomb. He says he thinks it’s a woman. Looking at the picture of the boy, Sonny doesn’t know who he is. But he thinks the woman is serving as a smokescreen, hired by Julian. Sam goes to the bathroom. Once alone, Jason wonders why things were tense before with Nelle. Sonny says he’s sure Nelle isn’t as innocent as she acts.

A New Mommy for Charlotte

Over at the Metro Court, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) announces he has a surprise for Charlotte and Nina (Michelle Stafford). He explains to Charlotte how they got married. Charlotte bursts with excitement as she runs into Nina arms. The only thing missing in Nina’s magical wedding was Charlotte, says Nina as she apologizes. Valentin admits it wasn’t the only thing missing and produces a box of wedding rings. Nina and Valentin place rings on each other’s fingers and then Valentin swings Nina around into a kiss. After, while the girls are distracted, Valentin take a call. Valentin is on the phone with the Canadian police officer that tells him he has done what Valentin wanted. He thanks him and he hangs up. He’s ready to take his girls home.

In the meantime, Nelle tells Carly on the phone that she promises to take care of Sonny.

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