How Kristen Alderson Could Be Back on Our Screens


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Kristen Alderson took to social media to answer a question from a fan that may foretell a return to “General Hospital” (GH) for the much-adored actor.

Starr Manning in Port Charles?

Alderson Tweeted in response to a fan question that she’s open to the idea of a visit to GH, reported Soap Opera News.

She said in another Tweet that it would give her a chance to have scenes with Kiki (Hayley Erin).

Hayley Erin Tweeted that she likes the idea some Kiki/Starr interaction too.

Some Classic Soap Actor Wackiness

If Starr and Kiki did have scenes together it would be a fantastic instance of the kind of actor interaction one rarely sees outside of soaps.

Alderson originated the role of Starr Manning on “One Life to Live” (OLTL) She then played the role on “GH” for a time. She came back with darker hair, a contrast to her natural blonde hair, and a played Kiki Jerome, daughter of Ava. She exited the role and Hayley Erin took over.

If the two became friends–or enemies–on GH it would be enough to make GH and OLTL fans head spin in a wonderful way.

Scroll down to see Alderson and Erin’s Tweets.

AMC and OLTL Characters Could Make Their Way to Port Charles

Soap Cities recently reported two stories on the future of “All My Children” (AMC) and “One Life to Live” (OLTL). First, we told you ABC executive Nathan Varni said GH is actively looking for ways to bring AMC and OLTL characters to the Port Charles story canvas. Then we reported that fans are doing all they can to bring AMC and OLTL back to our screens now that ABC has once again secured the rights to those two beloved, canceled-for-now soap operas.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for AMC and OLTL characters like Starr on GH, not to mention a resurrection of AMC and OLTL altogether!

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