Alicia Minshew Open to Brining AMC’s Kendall to Port Charles


Mega-soap star Alicia Minshew said she’d welcome a chance to play the scheming Kendall Slater on “General Hospital” (GH)

AMC and OLTL Could be Alive in Port Charles

Soap Cities recently brought you news that heartened many “All My Children” (AMC) and “One Life to Live” (OLTL) fans. ABC exec Nathan Varni said the alphabet network is seriously talking about the many options they have now that they legally own AMC and OLTL again.

One of the ways they discussed rebooting AMC and OLTL is brining characters from those iconic ABC soaps to GH.

“I’m definitely not opposed to anything like that. I say why not!” Minshew responded in when asked her if she were asked to bring Kendall to Port Charles. She expressed a great fondness and love for the character she played for ten years on “All My Children.”

She said for any role on another soap to work out, everything with her family and life in New York City would have to fall into place. All four soaps currently on the air tape in Los Angeles. For now, Minshew said she would welcome popping into Port Charles for a visit, if asked.

Still Close to Her AMC Co-Stars

Minshew said she speaks to ex-AMC costars like Rebecca Budig (Hayden, GH) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, “Bold and the Beautiful”) frequently. And, of course, she met her husband, Richie Herschenfeld through Kaye.

Minshew says she looks forward to seeing what ABC will ultimately do with the rights to AMC and OLTL.

A Soap Within a Soap

Minshew’s latest project, digital series “Painted Dreams,” recently launched its debut season. It tells the behind-the-scenes story of a fictional show, “Painted Dreams.” Fictional though the soap within a soap is, all the backstage drama is based on real life, Minshew pointed out!

The series is available on Amazon, and Minshew says season two will be even better and even soapier than season one!

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  1. Kendall/Alicia is one of the main AMC characters/actors I would LOVE to see on GH!
    Just get Zach off that train wreck on B&B and bring him along! I want to love TK again!

    And… I just gotta say, that is the most gorgeous photo of Alicia!!

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