EXCLUSIVE: AMC’s Carrie Genzel Dishes on Soaps, New Projects and More!

Carrie Genzel, who played Skye Chandler on All My Children.

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Happy New Year!! We would like to start 2018 on a great note with one of the most positive and accessible daytime and all around actresses we at SC have had the pleasure of meeting:  the lovely Carrie Genzel.   It is only fitting we publish our exclusive interview with Genzel on New Year’s Day, one meant for positive changes and resolutions.

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Vancouver native Genzel made a name for herself by playing the role of complex and intriguing Skye Chandler on All My Children (AMC)  in the mid-90’s. Well, she didn’t stop there–not by a long shot! Genzel went on to star in many TV series (Castle, Supernatural and Picket Fences among them) and movies; has just launched a very personal labor of love with her blog, State of Slay; and, has more acting projects recently under her belt, with more to come. Genzel, who just moved back to L.A. from Vancouver, gave our very own the detailed scoop on all of this and more.  It is with honor we present Part 1 of our Soap Cities chat with the lovely Ms. Genzel!

The “Skye’s” the Limit!

Chris Chagaris: How did you get into acting? I read a bit on your blog that it was tied in with your sense of self-worth but could you elaborate on it, thanks!

Carrie Genzel: I think, as a young girl, I was “in my head” a lot. My dad would take us to a matinée on Saturday. I wanted to be a part of it. Acting always held a special place for me. In high school, I discovered the drama club. I was very shy. But it felt like home. I just wanted to escape the negative self-talk going around in my head. Acting was a safe place to be. When I started, there wasn’t much in Vancouver, so I started modeling. It was never my passion, but ultimately, I wanted to get to the U.S. so it was a good jumping off point. When  I decided later to practice self-love, I thought I wouldn’t want to act. But, ironically, I was better able to connect with others and be more vulnerable, which made my work better. My first job was as a nurse on Bold and The Beautiful (B&B). It was a great training ground. I learned what’s expected of you when acting on a soap. I was getting momentum in L.A. afterward, and I had done a few episodes of Picket Fences. I was offered AMC, but was unsure of whether to go to New York to do it. I am glad, though, that I did.

CC: How did you, or do you, feel about the character of Skye? What did you like best about her? And, if they ever asked you to reprise the role, would you?

CG: Skye was so much fun. She always had reasons for doing what she did. Ultimately, she just made bad decisions and only wanted (her father) Adam’s love and approval. It’s very important to show a hint of vulnerability and then the audience is on your side. I was so blessed to work with the late David Canary as Adam and as his brother, Uncle Stuart. He’d check in on me, like my New York “dad.” I learned so much from him and enjoyed playing the relationship between father and daughter. I would reprise the role if asked.

CC: How do you feel about crossovers, i.e. characters from AMC going over to One Life to Live (OLTL) and now, General Hospital (GH)? [Skye showed up in Port Charles for a while a few years ago, played by Robin Christopher]. How would you like to work with Linda Dano who played Skye’s mom Rae [opposite Christopher]at some point?

CG: I would reprise Skye and cross over to GH if asked. Skye and I have been through a lot, and since I took over the role when she had amnesia, I feel that I reconnected with her afterward. I felt like it was tough when she was written off, because “we” had a lot of unfinished business to take care of. I would love to come back to daytime; I have a fondness for it. I love Linda, and would love to work with her. My mom loved watching her on Another World (AW) as Felicia.

CC: Skye went to OLTL and briefly became involved with Max Holden (James DePaiva). How do you feel about OLTL and AMC’s cancellations? What do you think about the future of soaps and their place in the entertainment landscape?

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CG: I was heartbroken when those two soaps were canceled. There was a part of me that loved it that life was still going on in Pine Valley, even though I hadn’t been on AMC in years. I started on AMC after the O.J. trial. The writing was on the wall then, because after that the audience thinned. I knew what those soaps meant to fans, and when they were resurrected online and then went away, it was a double blow. You had a big core audience who didn’t watch them online. Soaps have been very groundbreaking, and really a part of the fabric of our country in a way in that they are such an established and loved genre. It’s also a great career to have. You’re not working crazy, long hours, and you are telling stories that resonate with people. That’s what unique about daytime, you’re on five days a week, new episodes, and doing everything together (with the audience).

CC: What do you prefer, soap, movie, or episodic TV acting, and why?

CG: I like to mix it up. They all are different paces, tones. I feel very fortunate to be able to work in different mediums. The ability to do both drama and comedy is a blessing.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Carrie!

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