Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Tuesday, August 22nd: Joey Says Sayonara to Salem!

Claire, Theo, and Joey, in the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, August 22nd, foretell that the drama just keeps twisting and turning in good, ol’ Salem!

Sunrise, Sunset in Salem

“Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset/Swiftly flow the days/Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers/Blossoming even as they gaze…” So go the lyrics to classic tune “Sunrise, Sunset” from “Fiddler on the Roof,” about how children grow up so very fast. And doesn’t it seem that Joey’s (James Lastovic) life has undergone so many changes in the blink of an eye? Well, another one’s coming, as the Johnson son says goodbye to loved ones, Tuesday.

Good News, Mayor Jailbird!

We, like many of our dear Soap Cities readers, want the best for Mayor Abe Carver (James Reynolds), and something really good is going to happen, we suspect, to that Salem icon, Tuesday. And to add to the fun, it brings out two other Salem icons we’re always glad to see Justin’s (Wally Kurth) dimples!

Scared “Sister”

Honestly, what in the world are soap characters thinking when they take over other people’s lives? That it will all just go smoothly and they’ll be able to do it indefinitely? We’d like to ask Bonnie (Judi Evans) that question when she gets nervous because Steve (Stephen Nichols) pays “Adrienne” a visit.

Even the Kindest Hearts

Theo (Kyler Pettis) has a heart of gold, right, readers? He wants the best for pretty much everyone, and he behaves accordingly. But anyone can succumb to jealous, especially when it’s kind of well-founded. Theo is a victim of the green-eyed monster, Tuesday, when he sees Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) embracing!

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