One Life to Live Star Brandon Buddy Opens Up–and Reaches Out!

Brandon Buddy, who played Cole Thornhart on One Life to Live.

Buddy’s messages on Twitter reached out to others in light of his own past struggles.

Reaching Out

Buddy, who played Cole on OLTL from 2006-2010, was arrested in 2015 in Texas for driving while intoxicated. However, having sought help and now  in recovery, he posted messages on Twitter urging folks who might need help to seek it, as he did.

Brushes with the Law ..

Buddy was hospitalized, and subsequently arrested in January, 2015 in Austin, Texas for driving under the influence. He also had previously been on authorities’ radar for possession of unnamed prescription medication.

…And a Turnaround

Buddy emerged, via Twitter, in July, 2015 in a better place with an uplifting post, which read:

“The beautiful thing about being lost is that then you can be found!!! About 7 months ago I was breaths away from death and now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been!!! I want to thank you all for your prayers!!! Words cannot describe how sorry I am for all the broken promises, for letting you down and for the hurt I might have caused!!! I have been blessed with a fresh start and understand the importance of it!!!… I was rescued from the pit of hell not to better my life but to help others! Thank you all for your love and support.”

We at Soap Cities wish Buddy continued success on his positive life path and his efforts to help others.

And to any readers out there feeling lost–reach out for help!

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