The Young and the Restless Actors for Mattie and Charlie SORAS-ed

The new, teen Mattie and Charlie Ashby on The Young and the Restless.

We at Soap Cities regret to inform The Young and the Restless fans that two beloved characters have been stricken with a terrible affliction. A terribly fun one!

Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS)

Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily’s (Christel Khalil) twin children, Mattie and Charlie will suddenly, “rapidly,” become “insta-teens,” according to Soap Opera Digest.

The new Mattie and Charlie will be portrayed by Lexie Stevenson and Noah Alexander Gerry, respectively. The adolescent versions of Mattie and Charlie are apparently polar opposites in personality. That should be the source of loads of fun, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

The younger Mattie was most recently portrayed by McKenna Roberts, while Brandin Stennis was the last actor to play the role of Charlie. We’ll miss them, as they did a great job as the Ashby twins. We know they’ll find lots more exciting work out in La La Land though.

What Will the New Mattie and Charlie Be Up To?

We look forward to seeing how the teen Mattie and Charlie mix it up in Genoa City. Perhaps they’ll be friends with Y&R‘s current favorite erratic teen, Reed (Tristan Lake Lubeau).

There’s no doubt they’ll be affected by Cane’s recent work complications, shall we say, as well as Lily’s exciting modeling career.

Then of course there’s grandparents Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Colin (Tristan Rogers). How will their lives intersect with the older twins’? What do you think, Soap Cities readers? Let us know what you think will or would be some fun storylines for these two “newcomers.”

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    • I thought that as well. It just doesn’t look right. They look like sisters rather than mother and daughter.

  1. It’s ridiculous! Now all of the other children need to be older too! It’s not even reasonable.

  2. Why is it that the parents never age while their children go from 10 ears to teen age over night. Better grow up all the children on the show as well and put some gray hair and wrinkles on the parents.

  3. Ridiculous, they think the viewers are idiots and I guess they’re right but after 36 years I’m done. I don’t like the storyline, the way being bad and deceitful is glorified and I don’t like the propaganda. Being played for a fool isn’t high up there either…they think we wouldn’t notice? SORAS isnt new but it’s old for me. Bye bye.

  4. priscilla Bouchard

    I couldn’t believe it, only about a month ago Matte and Charlie was 8 years old and then 2 weeks ago , here they came on as teens, I thought at first the parents were thinking ahead but no , so be it, losing interest fast.

  5. Angela Hamilton

    This is crazy. Why so old for the twins? Could they be pre-teens first? That storyline is too much and splitting Cane and Lily up, they have been through enough. Cane has never drunk that much on the story, ridiculous. The other woman he supposedly slept with isn’t pretty like Lily.

  6. The actors portraying Mattie and Charlie are not good. They also are not very good looking. I think at a very minimum, they need to be recast. My preference is for them to be banished to the corn fields and completely removed from the show. It makes no sense to age them so quickly. It’s horrible. And did I mention how bad their acting is? While you’re at it, get rid of Tessa and Reid too. They all suck and drag the storyline down. Let noah, Mariah and Summer take on the roles of the new generation.

  7. It’s ridiculous. I hate to say it but Lilly doesn’t make a good mom for teens. She’s too young, the twins characters are boring and not to hurt the actors feelings but they are pretty bad.

  8. I agree….the actors playing maddie and Charlie are really bad! They’re so stiff and monotone…its cringeworthy to watch them…and at ease isn’t much better! What’s with this new batch of actors??? They couldn’t find three who had talent in all the auditions??

  9. I agree. This is a really bad move. How stupid. Parents must have had them at 18. But they weren’t even a couple. Who’s the idiot that made this happen? Guess the same person who had Christian dead and parents never viewed the body and Chole wasn’t even imbalmed. Closed coffins or none at all! Get real. This show is going to pot and doing it quickly. Where are your writers? Get back on track!

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