OLTL: David Gregory’s Primetime Success

OLTL vet David Gregory has a couple exciting gigs in the works.

One Life to Live alum David Gregory will star in a new legal drama everyone’s buzzing about. But that’s not all the daytime star’s been up to!

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Gregory took to social media to share some exciting news. The actor is set to star in an episode of the hot new show on CBS, Bull. See his Facebook post on the topic below.

We haven’t yet heard what Gregory’s episode of Bull will be about, but it’s sure to be riveting. Bull stars fellow daytime vet Michael Weatherly (Cooper Alden, Loving, The City) as Jason Bull. His Trial Analysis Corporation helps clients devise arguments and pick jurors that will win them cases.

And Another CBS Hit

Gregory also stars in The Good Wife spin-off, The Good Fight. That show streams on CBS’ online iteration, All Access. See a steamy pic from that appearance by Gregory below too. We made it PG for the purposes of Soap Cities. 🙂

The Good Fight tells the story of another legal eagle, Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski.

Another (Llan)view of David Gregory, this time in The Good Fight.

Lots of Life to Live

Gregory is proving that we may all only have one life to live, but you can fit a whole lot into it. He played Robert Ford, a naughty but nice Llanview hero. He was part of the hottie triumvirate that included his brothers James Ford (Nic Robuck) and Nate Salinger (Lenny Platt). He starred as the central OLTL character from 2009 to 2012. Hopefully, when the ABC sudser is rebooted somehow, somewhere, Gregory will rejoin it.

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