How Matt Cohen Did GH Fans a Solid With the First Annual Show Convention

This is going to be wild!

Matt Cohen may have done fans a big favor by initiating the idea of the upcoming General Hospital Convention–in more ways than one!

Hey, Frank, I Have an Idea

Perhaps that’s something like what Cohen (Grifin Munro) said to GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini when he floated the idea of a convention to his boss.

Cohen’s experience at similar conventions for Supernatural, the CW show he starred in several times led him to suggest a similar event to Valentini, according to Daytime Confidential (DC).

Fun With a Fabulous Effect

Of course, it’s a huge treat for fans to be able to attend an event with our fave actors from GH. But it’ll also help the show, and soaps overall, immensely for ABC and other networks to see that soaps can still bring in the bucks. After all, networks are pretty interested in the bottom line!

“Anything that can help fill the daytime soap’s coffers makes sense to me!” noted Jamey Giddens of DC. We agree!

Profits from the ever-popular General Hospital Fan Club Weekend events went to the show’s official fan club and the actors who attended, a source told DC. GH itself stands to make a pretty penny from this convention, however.

Oh, What a Time You’ll Have!

The First Annual General Hospital Convention is set to take place this coming Saturday and Sunday, March 11th and 12th in Burbank, California. Thirty stars from the show will be there!

To see a list of the awesome attendees and fun events planned–along with ticket information–visit the event’s official website.

Watch a couple cute videos about the fun to be had, too, below.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Though we’re glad the proceeds from this event are going to GH and keeping that soap in the black–not to mention showing the industry that soaps can still be lucrative–we would be remiss not to note a flaw in the festivities. That is the ticket prices.

The Gold Weekend package is $849. Ticket packages then, of course, descend in what they offer and how much they cost, with the cheapest tickets being General Admission ones for $100. As soap fans we all know general admission isn’t the best. We are loyal and passionate, and we all deserve to be treated like gold. It’s just too bad that costs almost a thousand dollars in this case.

This is the most costly ticket for a fan event we at Soap Cities have heard of lately, and we keep up with this stuff. Couldn’t it be a little cheaper? We do understand that what the convention is offering is pretty amazing, with panel discussions, blooper reel viewing parties, actor meet-and-greets, and more. If you go, Soap Cities readers, please let us know how it was. Use the contact form on the about page listed in the “More” section of the home page menu.

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