Get a Sneak Peek at What Hillary B. Smith Will Be Up To on GH

Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan on General Hospital.

As many fans of One Life to Live and General Hospital know, Hillary B. Smith is set to debut as her Llanview alter ego in Port Charles soon! Get a sneak peek!

Justice, Maybe. The Truth, Well…Sometimes?

In a rib-tickling promo for her upcoming appearance on General Hospital (GH), Smith appears as Nora Buchanan, the moral and ethically upright legal eagle from One Life to Live (OLTL). She’s seated on a courtroom desk expounding confidently on her dedication to “the truth.” Then Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) walks in with a reminder of what justice can sometimes amount to in Port Charles.

The video promo was posted on Soap Opera Digest‘s website, where you can see it in full. Smith’s first GH appearance will be on Monday, March 6th.

Funny and Smart, Like Hillary B. Smith Herself

The promo highlights Smith’s on-point comedic talents, which are always wonderfully entertaining.

It’s also a mini-meditation on the complexities of practicing law, especially on a soap. In a land like Port Charles, where we see the drama of the human experience play out, only magnified and intensified, things can get very dicey. This is especially true in the courtroom, where soap fans often find their favorite characters, because life must fit the neat, rigid categories codified law has to function according to.

Llanview in Port Charles

The first OLTL character on GH could open the door for more characters from AMC and OLTL coming to Port Charles. We fans will let GH know how pleased we are by this, and before you know it, we could have AMC and OLTL back on our screens!

A Beloved Fan Fave

Smith gained a legion of devoted fans for her portrayal of Llanview heroine Nora Gannon, whom she played for 21 years. She won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1994 for the role.

She also played Margo Hughes on As the World Turns and Dr. Stacy Barton on Bold and the Beautiful.

Soap Cities thanks ABC, Frank Valentini, Shelly Altman, Jean Passanante, and any others who helped Smith’s GH role come to fruition. We look forward to seeing more OLTL and AMC faves there in advance of those shows hopefully being rebooted.

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