Christie Clark Discusses Her First and Most Recent Days on Days of Our Lives

Christie Clark, Carrie on Days of Our Lives

Christie Clark offered fans some fascinating insight into getting her role on Days of Our Lives, growing up on the show, and much more. In doing so, she exhibited some of the same guileless, genuine charm that has always made Carrie so compelling.

Three Auditions, One Phone Call

After her first audition for the now iconic role of Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives (Days), Clark went in twice more, each time in the company of fewer actresses trying out for the same role, the actress told Daytime Royalty Online.

Finally, the show called her and let her know she had gotten the part.

“There was a big jumping party in my kitchen,” Clark observed.

Growing Up On-Screen

Clark talked about leaving and returning to Days and how it’s always been an exciting part of her life.

Starting in 1986, Clark has been part of the core of Salem, her presence always felt whether she was there physically or not.

“Because I’ve had so many ins and outs, I always appreciate it when I come back,” she said.

An Adorable Acting Trick and an Intriguing Diary

Clark said that when she had acting scenes in her early years on days, she would induce tears by thinking of sad things happening to dogs or cats! We just loved that cute little tidbit.

Also, she noted she still has an acting journal she kept during her that time.

“I used to keep a Carrie journal of all the stuff that happened to her, mostly the dramatic stuff, so that I could go back and refresh my memory,” Clark said.

Wouldn’t it be soapy and wonderful if she published it one day, Soap Cities readers?

Drake, Stefano, and Austin

Clark said Drake Hogestyn (John Black) was “her man.” He took her under his wing when she was a green 11-year-old, new to the show.

“Drake has been my guardian angel,” Clark noted.

As one of the first of what would become the many people Stefano kidnapped over the years, Clark said it was a thrill to play that storyline rather than the more run of the mill ones for her character.

She said that Carrie’s 2006 wedding to Austin was special to her, one of her favorite scenes, in fact.

“I love when Austin and Carrie finally got together in 2006 and got married at the justice of the peace,” Clark said.

A Nearly 31-Year Whirlwind and the Future of Days

This summer will mark Clark’s 31st year on (and off sometimes, yes) the show. She and her character have been through two lifetimes worth of evolution over that period!

Clark had hopeful words about the NBC sudser’s future.

“I hope Days is massively successful with this new reset… I hope it’s successful this time, and that next year the renewal isn’t even a question. I think they can do it,” she said.

Well, we’re hopeful about that and think it’ll happen too, here at Soap Cities!

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