Maurice Benard on When Ava Gets Her Due and Much More!

Maurice Benard offered some fascinating insight into his storied career. Photo courtesy of

Maurice Benard, the mobster to end all Port Charles mobsters on General Hospital, revealed a titillating time frame for when Ava will finally get what she deserves for her Morgan-related malfeasance. He also dished on his many leading ladies and his early career.

What Goes Around Comes Around

These days, Ava (Maura West) is in hot water for something she didn’t do, ironically: planting the bomb that killed Morgan. However, many General Hospital (GH) fans want to know when she will face justice for the horrific act of switching Morgan’s psychiatric meds out with sugar pills and causing his fatal downward spiral.

“I think that’ll be around November,” Benard told the WSE Lounge in an interview posted on Facebook. Click here for the full one-on-one.

Leading Ladies, Past and Present

Benard dished on what it was like working with the many co-stars he’s shared passionate, tumultuous relationships with.

His favorite on-screen wives are Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) and Carly (Laura Wright), as their characters have shared the most history and he’s worked together with them the most.

He also had high praise for Sarah Joy Brown (ex-Carly, ex-Claudia), calling her “a great actress.”

Fans of the luminous Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie Falconeri) will be heartened to hear Benard and Sullivan still keep in touch.

“We text each other, and I’m her biggest fan,” Benard said warmly.

Some Early Career Highlights You Need to Know!

Bernard said he started his on-camera career as a model, but that didn’t work out because he wasn’t tall enough. Well, we at Soap Cities are glad we get to see his irresistible dimples on GH!

The actor then did a music video for a band called Roar, which fans simply must scroll down and see.

Snapchat Isn’t Just For Millenialls

One of Benard’s lesser-known talents is his flair for prolific, compelling Snapchat-ing.

“I work really hard on those Snapchats…I just don’t think a lot of people see them,” Benard noted. Let’s all go do him a solid and watch some, Benard fans! He’s @mauricebenard on Snapchat.

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