B&B Feb Sweeps: Thomas and Rick Plot Their Move


“The Bold and The Beautiful” Executive Producer/Head writer Bradley Bell spoke out about what we can expect for Rick and Thomas during February Sweeps!


“Rick (Jacob Young) and Thomas (Pierson Fode) are both furious about the CEO position going to Ridge.  In February, a major opportunity for Thomas to seek revenge for being overlooked presents itself.  It’s not something he expected, but that’s what makes this new alliance so very sweet,” said Bell in the latest issue of “Soap Opera Digest.”

As we just saw on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Thomas returned with a vengeance from NYC back to LA.  In a recent issue of “CBS Soaps In Depth,” Bell said Rick is not the only one feeling left out of the CEO position at Forrester Creations and Thomas is “not shy about voicing his displeasure about not being considered.  How long will it take for one of these ambitious Forresters to act on their resentment and pursue their birthright?”

Poor Little Multi-Million Dollar Heirs

In that same issue of SOD, spoilers indicate Thomas might be doing just that.  Pierson Fode (Thomas Forrester) said being passed over for the CEO position is “tearing him apart at the seams.  Why has he put in all this effort for the family if he’s just going to get passed over time and time again?”

Thomas becomes more and more discouraged and next week he considers leaving Forrester Creations (FC).  “Thomas is one of the more well-respected designers in the fashion industry, so he has plenty of options,” according to Fode.  “He could go anywhere and people would take him in a heartbeat, especially having that Forrester touch and the knowledge that he has.  He could do anything he wants, so he’s exercising his options in his head right now.”

What If..?

There is also another option:  “Dark Thomas!” Fode absolutely agreed, saying “I think his dark side is beginning to be peeled back further and further.  He’s being pushed into it by the family business.  Thomas has been keeping those bad feelings at bay, especially since he’s become a father, but if he believes his back is against the wall,” his dark side could resurface!

We at SC have a bold prediction…we don’t think it’s a coincidence last week B&B mentioned the Spectra warehouse being destroyed complete with flashbacks of Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley).  What if Rick (Jacob Young) and Thomas team up to open their own design house?!  With Thomas’ designs and Rick’s Forrester International and FC CEO experience, they could become a major rival for FC!

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