B&B Feb Sweeps: A Forrester/Avant Wedding?


Executive Producer/Head writer Bradley Bell tells us what we can expect from the Forrester and Avant families during February Sweeps on “Bold and the Beautiful!”

Wedding Bells

 “At Maya’s urging, Nicole (Reign Edwards) decides to give Zende (Rome Flynn) another chance.  In an epically romantic moment, a surprise proposal of marriage is made and on Valentine’s Day, the Logans, Avants, and Forresters all gather together for the wedding of the decade?!”  (The ?! is our reaction to the “wedding of the decade” comment.)

As we at Soap Cities (SC) reported earlier, Paulo Benedeti and Tracy Melchior are confirmed to be coming back to the show as Zende’s adoptive parents Antonio Dominguez and Kristen Forrester!  Now if we put 2 and 2 together, it seems his parents are coming for their son’s wedding!

We would normally predict Sasha (Felecia Cooper) to cause trouble between the love-torn couple, but based on Bell’s spoilers, it appears the wedding will go off without a hitch…but with a soap, you never know!  Sasha could turn up like a bad penny again after being off-screen since November when Zende dumped her!

It’s Only Our Opinion  

While Bell describes this wedding to be a magical one, we at SC are having a hard time getting into this storyline.  This couple lost steam a long time ago (sorry about the pun #Steam fans!) and why give them a throwaway wedding now when they also haven’t been on our screens with a consistent storyline?  While the wedding might be a snooze…we certainly look forward to the Avant family, who bring a breath of fresh air to the show!   That’s what we think!  What do you think?!

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