General Hospital Spoilers, Friday, October 13th: Ava Plays More Games With Griffin

Ava Jerome, the soulless viper, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Friday tease that the plucky people of Port Charles are up to all kinds of soapy business at week’s end.

I Should Have Known From the Start

So sang the Backstreet Boys, and Griffin would be wise to buy that album at put it on repeat on his MP3 player! God, get with the program, man (pun intended)! Friday, Ava (Maura West) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) get busy under the sheets, once again. Instead of lighting up a cigarette, Ava does what seems to bring her as much satisfaction as a stogie: she messes with Griff’s heart and mind.

“This was a mistake,” she says.

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Griffin looks at her like he just saw a ghost, and she might as well be one, because she’s as scary. Does she have no shame? Oh, silly us, dear Soap Cities readers, of course she doesn’t!

Rant over (for now).

Oh, Well, Nelle

Over at Kelly’s, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) has had it up to here with being disbelieved and doubted. And while we’ve never been the biggest Nelle fans on Earth, we can’t blame her at this point.

“No one is ever going to believe I’m innocent,” she tells Michael (Chad Duell), in the most over it way you can imagine!

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Curtis (Donnell Turner), meanwhile, notes that perhaps there’s something about Nelle’s life she didn’t want him to find out. Or, C-man, maybe you’re just not that good at your job. Your hot, sweet, and funny, though, so it’s all good. Just kidding about the good at his job thing, dear Soap Cities readers. We’re just feeling very sassy today!

Media Mogul Match-Up

Valtentin (James Patrick Stuart) tells a pleased-looking Nina (Michelle Stafford) that he’s going to buy Derek Wells Media.

Apparently, Jason (Billy Miller) tells Sam (Kelly Monaco) a similar piece of info, because she responds with a shocked, “You’re buying a media company?!” Of course, it’s delivered in her breathy little-girl’s voice like everything she says. *Eye roll*

Be Patient, Patient 6

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Patient 6 (Steve Burton) notes that he needs to catch up on everything that’s transpired in Port Chuckles since he was last there. Good luck with that one.

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  1. What were you looking at? Ava didn’t say she thought it was a mistake. What she said is if you think it was a mistake and we shouldn’t talk about it than I will make it easy for you, it was a mistake and we won’t talk about it. What she told Griffin was the truth, he can either live honestly and in the open or hide behind his collar which is what he has been doing. If anyone was playing games it’s Griffin. Instead of running after Ava at every given opportunity, he should have waited until he knew what he wanted to do. Ava told him in an earlier episode that friendship was fine with her but he couldn’t leave well enough alone because that it is not what he wants. You’re ranting at the wrong person.

  2. That’s understandable. I am hoping though that as the story continues their relationship will end up helping both of them in different ways. I love Maura also, hope they let her character grow a little not too much though I prefer her as a bad girl just a little kinder.

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