GH’s Risa Dorken Put Online Body-Shamers In Their Place

Risa Dorken, Nurse Amy Driscoll on General Hospital.

Risa Dorken addressed the haters with poise, dignity, and an inspirational message.

She’s Not the One With the Problem

After she posted to Instagram several pictures from the Nurse’s Ball of her in her tres chic pink scrubs, an negative comment or two emerged criticizing Dorken for being “fat.”

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Dorken then posted another picture of herself with a message to the body-shamers hiding behind computer screens being cruel and nasty about her appearance.

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Dorken Acts and Fellow GH Stars Thank Her

Part of Dorken’s response, written with passion but aplomb, reads: “My body is curvy, always has been. To me curvy means so much more than ‘fat.’ It means powerful, strong, feminine, beautiful, and human.” See her full message below.

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And see the Tweets of fellow GH-ers who supported her.

“I happen to like the way I look, It’s other people who have the problem with it. -Amy Driscoll, #GH On a real note: My body is curvy, always has been. To me curvy means so much more than “fat.” It means powerful, strong, feminine, beautiful, and human. As a young girl I always thought I was like everyone else. It was only when ADULTS pointed out that I was “different”….fat. At the time I truly wasn’t, But I matured and went through puberty before other girls. Wouldn’t it be amazing to raise girls thinking they’re perfect how they are?! To build confidence ?! But the constant reminder- the whispering in the halls, how I looked in the same outfits next to other girls, when I got in trouble for wearing certain things, what I saw on TV… it all took an affect on my psyche. Now as a 27 year old, I am learning to fall in love with my body. I work out 5 days a week, I watch what I eat, and the truth is… I’m healthy! But I also Laugh a lot, make a difference in my community, and I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, and soon to be wife. I am more than what the public decides is “beautiful.” The dialogue on women in the world is definitely changing, but we need to stop the comparisons, stop trying to define “Normal,” stop defining a shape or characteristic as unhealthy, and just be happy. I’m so proud to play a character that’s fun, flirty, and sharp-tongued, like so many powerful women I know. Truly honored to be a source of light… and forever grateful that this little girls dreams came true. 💕 #selflove #sizematters #curvy #bodypositive #bodypositivity #gh #generalhospital #abcnetwork Photo by the fabulous Jim Warren.

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Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) Tweeted:As a mother of a teenage girl, I appreciate your message more than I can say. Thank you! #Confidence #SelfLove #TrueBeauty

Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) Tweeted: Very well said. And I just want you to know I got your back.

And Michelle Stafford Tweeted: Love your curves, love your spirit, baby girl.

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  1. I just want to say that I have been pick on all my life for being fat somuch so that I didn’t want to go to school or any where else. but I am 62 now and still fat but I had a wonderful life and a wonderful husband and three beautiful children , I am so proud of you for standing for yourself.

  2. Awesome message to put out there… you are awesome and those people calling you fat is because they are jealous… there is to many judgmental people in this world and their not happy with their own life so they got to try and bring others down

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