GH Star Kristina Wagner Looks Like This In a Bikini–and She’s 54!

Kristina Wagner, Felicia Jones on General Hospital. Image courtesy of First For Women.

Longtime General Hospital star and fan fave Kristina Wagner looks amazing in a two-piece at 54 years young.

Bombshell In a Bikini

Wagner is on the cover of First for Women magazine in a red bikini looking toned, tan, and totally gorgeous.

“Never in my life have I posed in a bikini or underwear before, but I didn’t mind because it’s not about ‘how do you get fit so you can wear a bikini’—it’s about a lifestyle and having good body image,” she said.

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Her Golden Rule for Loving Life as You Age

“I look my best if I focus on taking care of my whole self—mind, body and spirit,” she said. “For years I would easily attach to other people and what they thought. But as I’ve become older, I’ve learned to honor myself, honor my feelings, own them and feel good about who I am. I don’t need to judge myself anymore.”

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What great advice!


A Colorful Port Charles History

Wagner originated the role of secret Aztec princess Felicia Cummings on GH in 1984. She floored us with her performance in the famous BJ’s Heart storyline on the show, along with her many adventures alongside her soap supercouple beau, Frisco (Jack Wagner).

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We loved it when she ran for mayor of Port Charles, didn’t you, dear Soap Cities readers? And she’s been a great mom to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) lately, counseling and caring for her. We hope she’ll be featured in the upcoming Nurse’s Ball in some dazzling outfit and performance!

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