10 Fun Facts on General Hospital Star Daya Vaidya

Daya Vaidya, Martina Morales on General Hospital.

She has made a splash as controversial divorce attorney Martina Morales! Get to know General Hospital’s Daya Vaidya!

1. In Everest’s Shadow

Vaidya was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, the country that is home to the world’s highest mountain. We at Soap Cities would say that she certainly continues to conquer acting altitudes with her newest role!

2. On the Cusp

Her birthday is May 20, which falls right as the astrological sign of Taurus ends and Gemini begins. It’s an interesting dynamic, as it’s said that those born under the sign of the bull (Taurus) have a strong will, and those under the sign of the twins (Gemini) have a knack for the creative.

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3, An Exotic Blend

Vaidya can boast a mix of several ethnicities: East Indian, Spanish, and Italian.

4, California Girl

She may be foreign born, but Vaidya, from a young age, grew up in Oakland, California.

5. Passionate Performer

UCLA is Vaidya’s alma mater, where she majored in theater and studied dance, including tap, ballet and hip hop.

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6. Dancing Queen

Vaidya put her dancing shoes to further use when she won a scholarship to the noted Alvin Ailey dance ensemble in New York City.

7. A Familiar Face

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Vaidya isn’t a television newcomer. She’s starred on the detective series Bosch, as well as shows such as Castle, Unforgettable, Two and a Half Men, and Dexter, just to name a few.

8. Plying Her Trade

The Los Angeles theater group Theater Tribe can count Vaidya among its members.

9. Extracurricular Actives

Vaidya keeps in tip top shape by particitpating in a variety of physical activities, such as hiking, jogging, yoga, and bodysurfing.

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10. Family First

She’s married to fellow actor Don Wallace. They have three children, daughter Leela Grace, and twin sons Jai Blue and Dev Eshaan.

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  1. As long as she has any connection to Sonny, her scenes will all be FF’d! Especially the love scenes!!
    She may have been interesting if they hadn’t immediately put her in Sonny’s orbit.
    Hopefully she won’t be around long!

  2. I think Martina was a spicy addition. Not to mention she is gorgeous! Martina was obviously created to have enough fire and ice to tangle with Sonny. I would love to see more of her, if only to give Carly something to worry and get jealous about.

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