GH Star Steve Burton Confirms He’s In It for the Long Haul!

Steve Burton as Patient 6 on General Hospital.

Steve Burton posted to Instagram an intriguing photo, accompanied by an exciting caption!

Good Things Come In Threes

If that old saying is true, then it would perhaps explain what Burton revealed about his future at General Hospital. The wildly popular fan fave took to the photo sharing site to post a picture of him onset before taping an upcoming scene.

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In the caption he confirmed that he’ll be sticking around Port Charles for three years “at least.”

We at Soap Cities are big Steve Burton fans, and we know a lot of you, our dear readers, are too. So we’ll give you a minute to jump and down with excitement.

A Winding Road

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Burton also said Patient 6’s story will contain lots of twists and turns, and we can be doubly sure of that, as it already has, and it’s only been a couple weeks that we’ve been sure he is, in fact, Patient 6–and who knows what other identities lurk below 6’s buff exterior. They say, after all, that still waters run deep!

Here’s to finding out if and how Franco (Roger Howarth), Jason (Billy Miller), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and so many others fit into Patient 6’s past and future!

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  1. I gotta say, I was pretty pissed when it was announced that Steve was coming back. Now, even though I still don’t “get” all the hype for this guy, I will admit that I’m at least intrigued by this story.
    I have my own theory on how the S/L will go…and it could be interesting, if done right. Guess I’ll have to trust Frank V. on this.

  2. I agree SZima, I wasn’t thrilled he was coming back. But I am intrigued to see how this all plays out. SB is doing a great job.

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