General Hospital Spoilers, Wednesday, October 11th: Laura Gets Snippy With Ava!

Laura and Ava, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 11th, foretell that the plucky people of Port Charles are poppin’ soapy bubbles all over the place!

Not So Fast, Ava

Over at GH, Laura (Genie Francis) encounters someone she’s none too pleased with of late: Ava (Maura West). And now that Ava’s medical problems are cured, one of the few traits that made her sympathetic are gone. Not that anyone but Griffin (Matt Cohen) was buying her whole burn victim turned martyred saint act! Okay, that’s a little harsh, we know, dear Soap Cities readers? But we just want Griffin to be with a good person who deserves him!

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Ava asks Laura to excuse her and let her by, but Laura says not now, not ever!

Parker Problems

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), meanwhile, also runs into someone she has harsh words for: Parker (Ashley Jones).

The menacing mom tells Professor Hot Lips that she better be very careful what she says to her right now–Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) is with her, and Alexis is steamed!

Perplexed at the Park

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Josslyn (Eden McCoy) asks a bunch of other gathered-together Port Chuckles notables a good question: “This was Kristina’s idea–why would she blow it off,” the young Jax wonders. No one really seems to have any idea.

Fathers and Doctors

A fellow priest–a superior, from the looks of it–asks Griffin if he wants to continue being a priest.

Meanwhile, Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) asks: “Is there something wrong?”

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