BREAKING: Rome Flynn Out as Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Rome Flynn, Zende Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

UPDATE:  Rome Flynn released statement on his departure late Thursday night on Instagram:

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Statement on Rome Flynn B&B departure: First I want to thank Brad Bell for taking a chance on this ambitious young kid and giving me more responsibility than I knew I could take on. I want to thank all of the B&B fans across the world for embracing me as your Zende Forrester. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life to share a piece of my self everyday with you. I worked hard to make sure I never cheated you on work ethic or integrity of this character. Such a profound responsibility to be one of the few African Americans on daytime television, one I took serious in making sure I made you feel like you knew me. My job is to imitate life in its honesty and truest form. I hope I've done you justice. So many people to thank but I want to be specific in thanking my counter part through my time here on B&B. @reignedwards You're such a joy to have worked with and an amazing talent! They don't just give out nominations for best younger actress in a drama series 2X IN A ROW. But beyond that, you're very special to me. You helped me grow as an artist and a person. We took on portraying this young black couple in love. We worked hard on keeping it authentic and true. So many hours of work on our own. We had to be vulnerable with each other for this to last, I wanna thank you for letting me in. We laughed together, we cried together, we went to war together & that's what love is. Thank you Reigny #zencole This is not goodbye but I'll see you soon! Change is good. You must make change to make way for what God has for you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love, Rome Flynn aka Zendaddy Comment your favorite Zende moments below please 😪🤘🏾. @boldandbeautifulcbs @cbsdaytime @boldinsider

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B&B fan fave Rome Flynn is headed for some big life changes.

So Long, Farewell


Flynn took to Instagram to share in a live chat with fans that he’s leaving the CBS sudser, a choice he made himself, the actor said.

During the chat with Flynn, who looked handsome as ever sporting a new, longer ‘do, fans expressed shock and dismay at this seemingly out-of-the-blue decision


We’ll bring you more information on this breaking story as it unfolds.


What Next?

So, what, dear Soap Cities fans, does this mean for Zende?

He just got married to Nicole (Reign Edwards), after all. And, he was beginning to realize his dream of designing at Forrester Creations.

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  1. So when is this happening ?? Why is zendae leaving and is there going to be a replacement ??
    I’m sorry to see him leave loved the story line with nichole

  2. I wonder why he’s leaving, if it’s really his decision.
    They almost have to re-cast the role, unless they write Nicole out too! I would be OK with that! The actress who plays Nicole kinda sleepwalks through her scenes, so I’d be OK with them writing her out.

    • neither of them have really contributed much, but then does that mean they are limited in their abilities? or does it mean the writers have not favoured them with something they could get their teeth into? at this point, neither will be missed unfortunately.

  3. My Kelley Sanders

    Truthfully, I would rather have seen the show loose the character of Nichole than Zendae. If they are going to lose one they should lose both. He was the better actor, the better character, and the much better looking! Get a fantastic replacement for him and just get rid of her!!! She has never been a very good actress to begin with. she has never been a very good actress to begin with

  4. wow i cannot believe zende is leaving bold and beautiful will they replace him? this is really getting ridiculous!
    why is he leaving?

  5. Deanna McClendon

    Nooooooooooo!!!!! Say it aint so , why? They just started being happy the only couple on the show that was normal dang it!

  6. Very sad news but that is how it happens sometimes! They will be replaced by someone else to play Zende! Just like Ron Moss was replaced with the New Ridge what ever his name is!

  7. i thought they were a good couple on b and b sad to see him leave its gonna be hard to see him replaced i thought he was a good actor soaps do this a lot i wonder why he left did he not get along with another actor or what any i wish him luck and maybe he has another job on another show

  8. Why r u leaving u n Nicole look cute together seems like allthe good ones r leaving I like him on the soaps and he is very handsome

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