Y&R Star Jason Thompson Writes Moving, Lyrical Eulogy To His Dog

Jason Thompson, Billy Miller on The Young and the Restless.

For anyone whose life has been touched by a canine companion, the Instagram post Jason Thompson penned will ring so true.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Thompson’s pet pup of ten-and-a-half years, Vedder passed away Thursday. He took to social media to let fans in on who his beloved companion was and how he felt about him

Sleep sweetly my boy. 4/3/07-6/5/17 Vedder It’s hard to say he was mine. Although for almost 10.5 years I did what I needed to do to take care of him, truthfully it was Vedder that took care of me. He was the greatest of Danes, the sweetest ever. Right now, my heart is broken, the heaviest chest I’ve ever felt. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was say good-bye to my Vedder. For anyone that has met him, had the honor of him leaning on you almost knocking you over, sitting on your lap like a human, you know his love. For the countless strangers that stoped in the street, in their cars to take a picture of him, to pet him, to simply say “wow”. He was a beautiful, beautifully creature. The memories I have of him are endless. 10.5 years, every morning, except some of the hard ones recently, he would walk down the hall, nails clicking on the hardwood, push open the door and came and lay his head down on my side of the bed. Just to say good morning. 2 years ago, when we found out he had cancer, we didn’t know we were pregnant at the time with Bowie. It was devastating news. Then came the best news I’d ever received. Paloma and I were gonna have a baby. With that joy, my first thought was..I hope he can meet Vedder. Ah did he. Vedder was his dragon to climb. The ever patient and always loving. To everyone that has ever commented or posted loving words about him, thank you. It always meant the world to me. He may have mine, in a way, but he was ours. All of ours. He breathed joy into the world. Nothing less. Thank you my boy. I will alway love you MyVedder. X

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