Days of Our Lives Recap, March 20th-24th: Chad Confesses, Abby and Gabi Kidnapped, Nicole and Brady Settle In

Hi, my fellow Salemites, it’s Maureen, aka The Sage of Salem. Ready to hear what happened this past week on Days of Our Lives? Let’s take a look back at the Days of Our Lives recap. Chad fesses up, Abigail and Gabi are abducted, and Nicole and Brady start a new life, and lots more!
Abby gets kidnapped along with Gabi in the Days of Our Lives recap.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

After being threatened by Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Chad decided to tell Abigail how he really feels about Gabi.  Chad (Billy Flynn) appeared to be very nervous and Abigail believed it had to do with his speech for the fundraiser event that evening.  Although the truth sometimes hurt, a stunned Abigail took Chad’s confession like a woman, but later broke down when Jennifer stops by.  Abigail (Marci Miller) wanted to know how can he commit to their family if he still loves another woman. He promised to cut all ties with Gabi (Camila Banus) at the fundraiser event.  Well, Chad you really know how to take the word fun out of the fundraiser!  How is that the perfect forum to tell someone you love that they are completely cut out of your life?  Really, guys? Salem is a small town!  I’m not sure who was more nervous that night Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) who wants nothing but to win Abigail’s heart or Chad who just had to come clean on his feelings for Gabi.  Dario and Gabi chatted about their feelings, wanted to work together with her to break up the happy couple.  Gabi disagreed with scheming to win Chad’s, heart.  If Club TBD wasn’t not filled with people for the event, it would sure be filled with tormented feelings.  Chad found an opportunity to speak with Gabi.  Unaware of Chad’s intentions Gabi told Chad she is waiting for Eli, and what’s the urgency.  Chad blurted out, “Who the hell is Eli?” and that whoever he is, he can wait.  Chad why start by saying “I love you”–who does that when breaking up?  Totally blown away, Gabi agreed with Chad to end their relationship.  Eli (Lamon Archey) arrived and re-entered Club TBD with a crushed Gabi. Was Chad jealous, did he make the right choice, or will his Dimera genes take over?  While Chad was breaking Gabi’s heart, Dario was having a hard time concealing his feelings for Abigail.  Later Abigail consoled a brokenhearted Gabi and hoped that one-day things can go back to normal and they could be friends to the end. It just might be the end…

To Have or Have Not

Eric (Greg Vaughn) won’t give in to his feelings for Jennifer and apologizes for that juicy kiss he planted.  An aroused Jennifer I’m sure was scoping out the farmhouse for the nearest bedroom.  Come on Eric, stop playing hard to get or is it because Nicole is on your mind?  Well, guess what, Jennifer has no intentions on giving up on you!

In the Nick of Time

Theo (Kyler Pettis) and Claire’s (Olivia Rose Keegan) intimate night just got interrupted by Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) and a screaming match erupts between the two girls.  An embarrassed Theo just walks away without a word. Maybe the cat got his tongue.  Claire yells that she lives there too and they should not be having sex in the living room, let alone having sex at all.  Claire accuses Ciara of still wanting Theo and purposely trying to break them up.  She then orders Ciara to get out.  Hello, Claire, you keep forgetting that she pays half the rent.  Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) approaches a heartbroken Ciara who begins to rambles off about transpired back at the loft.  As she shares the intimate details, Maggie wants to be spared certain details.  Ciara heads back to leave the letter for Theo.  Theo re-enters and Claire wants to finish where they left off. Theo stated that maybe Ciara interrupting was a sign to wait.  Angrily, Claire says “what is up with that”?  Theo gently takes her hand and says it will happen soon when the timing right.  Of course, Claire lives in her own mind and begins planning a road trip for a magical night at the Green Mountain Lodge.  That place gets more action than the Salem in!  Ciara puts the letter in Theo’s backpack, not realizing Claire was lurking in the background.  Once Ciara leaves Claire retrieves the letter, reads it but hides it from Theo.  Poor Ciara, she is no match for Ms. Claire.

Been There Before

Eric wants to make amends and stops by the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie.  To Eric’s surprise, Maggie does not have any malicious feelings towards him.  She is alcholic and shared a similar experience driving drunk.  She expects Eric to honor Daniel’s memory by not wasting his life and making the world a better place.

Safe at Last

It’s good to have friends in high places because Brady (Eric Martsolf) was able to get Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Holly over the Canadian border.  As they settled into their new gigs, Nicole is still on edge.  Brady reassures her that with their identities and no one is going to find them.  Hello, who’s knocking at the door?  Another noisy neighbor with goodies and a ton of questions.  Guys, it’s okay to send her on her way.  Great, she’s a detective taking time off but stills have her gun.  Does she suspect they are hiding something?

Deimos vs. Eduardo/Chloe

Threats were exchanged between Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) and Eduardo (A Martinez) as Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) looked on.

Like Father, Like Son

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) find Tripp (Lucas Adams), who seems impressed by his new Daddy but has questions about his mother.  Will he head back to Salem for a paternity test?

I’mm Just Not That Into You

Needy Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) is home from the hospital.  As Joey (James Lastovic) plays nurse, she realizes the only way to keep Joey at her side is to start taking addictive pain pills.  Will Joey have to administer CPR?

A Favor

Abe (James Reynolds) breaks up a kiss between Lani (Sal Stowers) and JJ (Casey Moss).  As JJ dismisses himself, Abe asked Lani to play mediator between Valerie (Vanessa Williams) and Eli (Lamon Archey).  Lani agrees but her meddling is not welcomed by Eli.

Brothters Unite

Brady is glad that Eric has returned home, but will Eric be his competition for Nicole’s love?

Chloe believes making Kate (Lauren Koslow) jealous is her way of thanking Eduardo for his help.  As Eduardo wonders how Chloe kisses him.  Eduardo enjoyed the kiss but makes it clear to Chloe that he loves Kate.  Chloe understands but feels pretending they are involved will be reason enough for Kate to take him back with open arms
I’m back
Surprised to see Brady back, Deimos questions him on Nicole’s whereabouts.
Girls Gone
Dario and Chad are devastated that Abigail and Gabi have gone missing.  Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul think they have the jump on Deimos’ next move, couldn’t be more wrong.  As the search is on for the missing girls, Chad receives a message about Abigail and rushes off to save her.  Upon his arrival to the location, he is knocked out and taken hostage as well.  Sonny wants to be the one to take Deimos down, therefore, his mission must be kept a secret.  Now that the situation is out of control, Paul breaks Sonny’s confidence and works with Dario and JJ to find all the missing.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
As Chad regained consciousness, he notices both his women tied up.  He vows to kill Deimos for his latest plan but then begs him to trade their lives for his.  Chad the worse is yet to come.  The women are intravenously injected with a quick acting poison, one antidote and limited time to save one of them.  With his heart torn in two, who will he save?  His first choice is Abigail but shares the antidote with Gabi as well.  As Dario, JJ, and Paul track down their location, the girls are rushed to Salem hospital.  Who will survive if any?
Together We Can
Sonny confronts Deimos that he’s gone too far with his deadly plan. Later, at the Brady Pub Deimos enjoys his newspaper until a furious Rafe attacks him. Hope pulls him away and kicks Deimos out of the Pub.  Rafe and Sonny meet up at the station because he feels together they can eliminate Deimos.

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