Should GH’s Jane Elliot as Tracy Q Be Recast? If So, With Whom?

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Sadly, Jane Elliot isn’t set to renew her contract as General Hospital’s Tracy Quartermaine when it expires later this year. We want to know what you think, GH fans, about whether Tracy should be recast, and if so, with what actress?

A Tough Decision

Elliot is so beloved by so many GH fans, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing her. She’s been in the role since 1978, after all, with a few breaks here and there! Only Elliot can do justice to Tracy’s signature chunky pearls and her finger-pointing lectures to loved ones, you say.

Elliot is synonymous with Tracy and her loud, irascible, lovable, loving ways. So, many fans and Soap Cities readers may not want someone else stepping into this role. You may want Tracy to ride off into the soapy sunset along with Elliot?

Perhaps an Even Tougher Decision

Now, some of you may think Tracy is too important to the GH canvas to not be a part of the Port Charles drama. She is the only original Quartermaine from the generation that came on the show as adults left standing. Tracy is great in her own storylines and as a part of others, so you may just not think it’s a good time to write her off the show.

For you fans, we thought of some great actresses to fill the role of Tracy.

Do or Don’t

There may be others of you who don’t have an opinion either way. You may think Tracy has run her course and been through enough. To you, it’s time to retire the character when Elliot retires. You probably feel there are enough other characters on the canvas right now to fill the story needs of our dear GH.

Well, you can all have your say in the poll below!


Should Jane Elliot Be Recast? If So, With Whom?

Colleen Zenk, played Barbra Ryan on As the World Turns, Robin Strasser played Dorian Cramer Lord on One Life to Live, and Susan Flannery played Stephanie Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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  1. Tracy Quartermaine is an incredibly dimensional personality due entirely to Jane Elliot’s energy, essence and creativity. The character’s unabashedly brazen manner infused endearingly with unique nuances, smirks, skeptical glances or wide-eyed is signature Elliot. Anyone filling Elliot’s shoes would be/will be hard-pressed to successfully adapt/morph Tracy’s character to fit their own creative energies.

  2. There have been other actresses who’ve portrayed Tracy in the past but none of them were ever able to bring her to life the way Jane has. The nuanced performance necessary to keep Tracy from becoming a one dimensional shrew as opposed to the Tracy we love and root for while occasionally loving to hate her is something very few actors are capable of. In fact, none of Tracy’s other portrayers ever managed to achieve it. While I will miss Tracy when Jane exits the show it’s my opinion that recasting the role even with another soap vet would simply be a let down for the viewers.

  3. I have admired the way that Jane has delivered the character of Tracy Quartermaine to the fans for decades. She and she alone has always portrayed the character with spunk, vulnerability, loyalty and compassion (when needed) and those traits have never been captured by any of her “stand-ins.” I do not want a re-cast. I would rather see Jane retire and have the option to appear once in a while or whenever the story line NEEDS HER TO BE THERE. Please do NOT RECAST THIS CHARACTER.

  4. Donna Whitaker

    OMG will NEVER be the same without Jane Elliott playing Tracy Q. I have been watching GH for over 55 years. Have seen many changes through the years. Was heart sick when Jason’s character left, have seen a few Carly’s, love the current. If Sunny ever leaves I’m done. Missed Luke but got over him, love Laura coming back as regular , was super sad when Maxie took an absence however health first, LOVE her character. I could go on and on however it’s about Jane AKA Tracy. God luck going to miss your character SOOOO much and thank you 😊 for al the great years of watching you.

    Kudos to the writers and it’s a sad day losing Jane. I am SUPER sad.

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