A Trip Down a Zip and then the Aisle on Bold and the Beautiful Next Week

Zip Line or no zip line–Steffy’s hair will always look fabulous on Bold and the Beautiful. Photo courtesy of Sean Smith/Bill-Phillip Television.

Bold and the Beautiful fans won’t be disappointed next week when Steffy and Liam bring the fabulous during their wedding ceremony!

Can You Help Me With My Zipper and My Zip Line?

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has never been the type to play the blushing bride. And this is her fourth wedding in five years. So it’s no surprise she chooses to make a bold statement while looking beautiful as she and Liam (Scott Clifton) tie the knot next week on B&B.

“She’ll zip-line into the ceremony from the top of the iconic Sydney Opera House!” reported Michael Logan of TV Insider.

Wood said this is in keeping with Steffy’s fearless approach to life in general. Despite the already heavy dose of drama in her daily life and soap fans’ desire for brides to get their “princess moment,” Steffy’s going to show she always keeps it fabulous. She had to top last year when she zoomed into her wedding ceremony on a motorcycle, after all.

““What can I say? Steffy is an adrenaline junkie,” said Wood. “She’s not about to show up at her wedding like a normal bride.”

Dangerous on So Many Levels

The zanier she gets, though, the more opportunities there are for Sally (Courtney Hope) to sabotage the wedding for Spectra Fashions’ gain.

“Sally will show up at the wedding uninvited,” said Wood, “and it brings out the worst in Steffy. And the worst can be very dangerous these days if it gets out on social media. It can blow up big and go around the world in a heartbeat.” We at Soap Cities guess this means Sally will engage in some vindictively viral behavior to bring down her fashion rival.

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