Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Wednesday, February 22nd: Steffy Angers Thomas

Let Thomas worry about the designs, Steffy, in the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, February 22nd, reveal that Thomas is feels further unappreciated, while Spectra Fashions debuts its first collection.

Suddenly You’re a Designer Too?!

Thomas (Pierson Fode) was livid, as we know, at being passed over for the position of CEO, and then co-CEO, at his family company, Forrester Creations. Despite his attraction to Sally (Courtney Hope), and all that could come with a pairing up with her, he decided to swallow his pride and stay the Forrester course. After all, loyalty is big in the Forrester family. Wednesday, he gets a slap in the face as thanks for deciding to stick by his family, when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) criticizes his latest designs. We’re sorry–when did Steffy become a designer? Wasn’t she supposed to be the business brains at Forrester Creations?

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Spectra Fashions unveils its newest line in decades Wednesday. Will it be like old times, when they simply stole from the Forresters when all else failed? Or will Sally 2.0 have put her sketchbook where her mouth is and actually come up with some designs worthy of her fabulous personality and equally fabulous acolytes.

You Never Know

Katie (Heather Tom) tells Bill (Don Diamont) that perhaps the new generation of Spectras are to be taken seriously. Thomas meanwhile grins as Steffy tells him Sally is ridiculous! Awww–looks like Thomas is quite taken with Sally. Steffy thinks Sally’s just trying to pick up where her aunt left off.

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  1. It is a bit obvious that Thomas will jump in to save Sally’s by being her new designer as happened in the past. It may be a do over again but it will still be interesting with the new characters involved. It is time for Thomas to have a proper storyline for him.
    After all these years I still haven’t figured out why Thorne keeps getting shoved aside with little to no screen time. We as fans miss him. Maybe Sally can hire someone to give him another chance at love again as well as story time.
    And as much as I miss Jeanne Cooper (Katherine (Y&R) I also miss Susan Flannery ( Stephanie (B&B). Just got a kick out of the picture jumping those few times. It was a great picture of her.
    However the picture of Quinn doesn’t do her justice, her hair style is too severe and there is too much white to show her attributes. She is much too beautiful to have that as her portrait. But that is just my opinion, sorry!

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