GH’s Emme Rylan: Actress Extraordinaire AND Crafting Queen!

Emme Rylan, Lulu on General Hospital, and some of the fab handame items on sale in her Etsy store.

Emme Rylan is selling some lovely handmade items that would be great ideas for holiday gifts!

Enterprising Emme

We know Rylan (Lulu Spencer) pours passion into playing the equally passionate, sometimes fiery and impulsive but all-around good gal Lulu. It’s also known that she’s quite artistic, and to that end, has her own Etsy store, Handmade by Emme Rylan. The store, which she’s had since 2010, showcases her diverse and lovely array of creations, which make great gifts, especially now that the holidays are upon us! How about a fluffy cowl scarf? Or, an exquisite, beaded,  turquoise bracelet with a Buddha motif? How about a cool necklace in a heart, circle, or rainbow shape, or one etched with side triangles? The items are priced from $30-$65 and are one of a kind! To hear Rylan tell it, her downtime on set is spent very productively!

“As an actor, I spend lots of time in my dressing room waiting to be called to set!” she explains on the Etsy site. “I use that time to work on what’s inspiring me at the moment.” We hope Rylan keeps getting inspired to make beautiful things!

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Busy Actress, Busy Mom

Of course, between her acting duties on GH and her Etsy shop, Rylan is one busy bee. Add to that being a mom to two boys, Jackson, 8; Levi, 6; and, a new arrival in her household, daughter Dakota Rose, nearly six months. Rylan can also boast a recent accolade, winning the 2015 Best Actress award at the River Bend Film Festival in Goshen, Indiana for her movie, Shevenge. Congrats to her on the win and the birth of her daughter!

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Real-Life GH Bestie to the (New Mom) Rescue!

Rylan, who gave birth to Dakota on June 26th, got a boost soon after from close pal and co-star, fellow mom Kirsten Storms (Maxie). Hey, being mom to three young ones can take time away from the other important things, like a fun day of beauty! Our friends at ABC Soaps in Depth chronicled how Storms saved the day soon after Dakota was born, dispatching a hair stylist to Rylan’s abode to spruce up her friend’s frazzled hair. And voila, Rylan emerged looking radiant! There’s also a sweet pic of Storms cradling Dakota as the hair dresser worked her magic.

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So, dear readers, we at Soap Cities wish everyone Happy Holidays, and what better way to ring them in than to have your pick among great gifts to give, carefully created by a beloved GH star!

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