AMC Fan Fave Jennifer Bassey Interview P II–on Her New Role on Anacostia and More!

Jennifer Bassey, Beverly on Anacostia.

Part 1 of our interview covered an overview with Jennifer Bassey and the iconic actress’ new role on the online soap, Anacostia and more. Now, get ready for Part two of our interview, conducted by our very own Chris Chagaris, with this versatile and talented actress!

CC: Do you see aspects of Marian, and other soap characters that you’ve played, in Beverly?

JB: Well, not really, because every character is different. Marian was an alcoholic and nymphomaniac. Beverly, on the other hand, is severely hurt and damaged. Her pain and anguish are very different, for example, from Marian’s or other characters that I’ve played.

CC: What did you like most about playing Marian, and might we see you again as Quinn on GH? The Ask Man Landers storyline was different, and your character added an extra, fun and exciting layer to it.

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JB: Well, the funny thing I must say first about playing Marian is that it was only supposed to be a three-month role, but I ended up staying on for almost 30 years! I liked that I injected some humor into Marian, because in the early 80’s when she was introduced, everyone was doing comedy and she was supposed to be serious. So, I found a way to make her funny. I would do a “Mae West-like” pause, which I think made the character more layered. As for GH, that would be great so we will have to see. They never told me I was gone so Quinn could perhaps pop up again! It was a lovely cast to work with.

CC: It must be exciting to work with soap vets Elizabeth Hubbard (Anacostia’s Eva) and Martha Byrne (Alexis/Joanne), especially in this new soap medium. Have you shared the screen with them yet, and how is the acting process compared to network TV?

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JB: I am very excited to work with them, and we’ll all be sharing scenes next year. They will be very emotional scenes, too. The acting process is different here than on traditional television. There’s only one camera here as opposed to three or four filming a network soap, so it takes a little longer to film. I like that, though, because you can keep going over things and perfect the scene. Our cameraman is brilliant, by the way.

CC: Finally, how do you like filming on location in Washington, D.C.?

JB: I like D.C.; it’s awfully pretty. I actually lived there for a bit years ago. Going forward, the show will be filming at a house in Connecticut as well as in D.C. so it will be a bit of both.

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We at Soap Cities congratulate Bassey in her new role and wish her much continued success!

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