GH Star Kimberly McCullough Set to Return to Port Charles!

Kimberly McCullough, Robin Scorpio on General Hospital/Image: Soaps In Depth, the loveliest soap magazine!

Kimberly McCullough, GH icon, will be on hand for the Jason/Drew Storyline!

Robin Returns!

McCullough’s visit will be all the more exciting as she’s slated to be a part of the current, very hot Jason/Drew twin storyline, according to our lovely friends at Soap Opera Digest.

Robin and Jason/Patient 6’s (Steve Burton) reunion indeed should be heavily charged and emotional, to say the least; until his recent return to Port Charles, he thought Robin had been killed in the hospital’s lab explosion.

“I watch the show, so I was very excited,” McCullough said, remarking on her impending return. “And also curious to see how the writers were going to explain all of this!”

Robin, as fans know, is with husband Patrick (ex-Jason Thompson), daughter Emma (Brooklyn Silzer), and new baby Noah across the country in Berkeley, California. However, the miles won’t prevent her from a visit to her hometown to drop into the current drama taking place. Just how Robin will react to Drew and Jason/Patient 6 being twins, and, of course, who is actually who, remains to be seen; yet, we know it will be momentous when she lays eyes on the man who she always knew as Jason, long thought to be killed.

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Other Projects and Awards

Of course, McCullough’s occasional stints on GH reprising her longtime role aren’t the only iron that she has on the professional fire. She is also a rising name in the directing field, having helmed several episodes of the recently ended ABC-Family series, Pretty Little Liars, as well as an episode of the Disney Channel series, Shake it Up, among others. She is also the proud winner of two Daytime Emmy Awards for her role as Robin.

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Full Circle

We’ve watched Robin grow up from the adorable daughter of Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) into a strong, confident woman–wife, mother, and, of course, dedicated doctor. McCullough’s trajectory mirrors Robin’s in a way, and is just as admirable. She has grown as an actress, director, and now, as a new mom. McCullough gave birth to son Otis in June of this year. We at Soap Cities send the actress hearty congratulations, and are eagerly looking forward to her GH return!

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