A General Hospital Return for Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones?

Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones, as Kristina and Parker–Pristina–on General Hospital.

Word from an ABC higher up points to the possibility that Lexi Ainsworth and Ashely Jones could be back in Port Charles

Don’t Count “Pristina” Out Yet!

It certainly has been quite the roller coaster ride for GH’s Kristina ( Lexi Ainsworth) and her former-professor-turned-lover Parker (Ashley Jones). The duo exited the GH canvas last month, bound for Parker’s new home base in Oregon, after she was given the boot from teaching at Port Charles University when their relationship came to light. However, we may not have seen the last of this couple’s controversial yet sizzling storyline, according to a tweet by ABC exec Nathan Varni and reported by our awesome friends at Soap Central.

“We had hoped to continue the story longer but one of the other actresses booked a big show. Pausing for now but hope to continue later,” Varni said on Twitter in response to a fan query.. Ainsworth is┬áslated to appear on TNT’s Major Crimes; however, we naturally assume that Varni’s word carries a lot of weight and is a veiled answer in the affirmative.

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Picking Up Where They Left Off

If the characters do come back to Port Charles, what does their future hold? For starters, chances are slim to none that Parker could regain her position at the university given the circumstances of her departure. Kristina’s relationship with mom Alexis (Nancy Grahn) is strained, and her career prospects seem up in the air since she quit school. It surely will be interesting to see how and where these two end up if and when they again grace our screens!

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Controversial Storyline Reaps Praise, Criticism and an Award for Ainsworth

Whatever fans might have to say about the same-sex, big-age-difference romance between Kristina and Parker, and it has indeed been divided between harsh criticism and high praise, the talent of the two actresses who bring the characters to life can’t be overlooked. Indeed, Ainsworth won her first Daytime Emmy this year in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress (she also was nominated in the same category in 2011) largely for her work in this storyline, and for her character’s fiery and passionate portrayal.

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Jones, meanwhile is a two-time Daytime Emmy nominee for her role as Megan on Y&R, has guested on many TV shows and has appeared on the big screen as well.

Soap Cities hopes to see these two talented ladies back in Port Charles soon!

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  1. Hey Christine,

    I am ‘all in’ for #Pristina return. I am a fan of this love story and these two amazing actresses since day 1. I mean…their chemistry is not only hot but also adorable. It’s impossible not to root for them!
    Knowing ‘the fire’ in Kristina, she won’t accept coming back unless there is a good reason. Hoping one of her parents will do something in this direction in order to built a trustful relationship in Pristina future. I hope is Alexis, this will mean she is willing to take the first step in regaining her daughter and her ‘girlfriend’ too. Parker needs to meet the family. Come on..it’s been almost 2 years since they are in love. Family has to accept it!
    Then the writers need to find a way to built for Parker a story of her own. If not..then..we will never have a solid Pristina story and we will have to face it. Lexi and Ashley deserve a much better story together!
    I still believe in this couple and the writers! I pray for a return this year. I want to see them kissing for ‘Happy New Year’ or their first Christmas. And their real ‘I love you!’.

    Thanks for the article. We appreciate! <3

  2. I agree with Angelinna, the writers need to do better with the Pristina story. They need to fill in the blanks in the development of the relationship (largely relegated off screen) and give them credit for being adults. Kristina is firey, but they can make it more mature and less teenager. We saw a bit of a strong Parker after being fired. We need more of that woman! Write them a love story to root for, as you do straight couples. Please! It could be a great Christmas @nathanvarni

  3. Thank you both for your opinions on this storyline! We greatly appreciate your input and are eager to see if this storyline picks up and, if so, where it goes!

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