The Latest on the Effort to Bring AMC and OLTL Back to Our Screens!

AMC and OLTL are coming home–but we must not sit on our soapy laurels! We must act to get them back.

There’s much to report on the fight to reboot our beloved soaps, AMC and OLTL.

What We Know

The ABC network’s Entertainment Manager, Current Programming, our fave soap executive here at Soap Cities, had some great tidings about All My Children and One Life to Live‘s good chances at another life.

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“The good news–ABC is still interested in rebooting the shows and still working on it,” reported our wonderful friends at Facebook group Save AMC and OLTL (SAO), who work tirelessly to not only bring you updates on the behind-the-scenes push to two of our favorite ABC soaps back.

Another great piece of info Varni offered in a Twitter exchange with fans that SAO reported on was that there are AMC and OLTL actors already committed to appearing on their respective show reboots, and ABC is using this fact as part of their pitch to online distributors to get the shows on digital platforms.

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Right now ABC’s daytime slot is full, and it looks to be staying that way, reported SAO.

Visit SAO on its Facebook page for lots more info for frequent updates.

What’s Next

Well, dear readers, you guessed it: AMC and OLTL need you to act, because you’re committed passionate fans who want your Pine Valley and Llanview families back! There’s still much for us to do. This isn’t yet a done deal, dear readers. SAO has made it so easy, also.

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See the post below and perform the tasks SAO recommends. They’ve given us all the necessary information and contacts.

Give us your input in the comment section below. Check back with Soap Cities for more AMC/OLTL news, updates, fun, and more! Follow us on Twitter at @soapcities, on Instagram at @soapcities, and come chat with us in our Facebook group. All My Children and One Life to Live will one day be back on-screen—never doubt! If you want more soap action 24/7, go to Soap Fans United!

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