General Hospital Spoilers, Tuesday, October 3rd: Jason Gets a Bizarre Call

Patient 6 and Jason Morgan, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, October 3rd, tease that the plucky people of Port Charles may be in for more drama than they bargained for.

Can I Ask Who’s Calling?

Jason’s (Billy Miller) still recovering in the hospital, as all your dear Soap Cities readers and GH fans know. Much to his surprise he gets a mysterious phone call.

What he doesn’t know that we viewers do know, is that it’s Patient 6 (Steve Burton, who got his hands on a cell phone.

“Who is this?” asks 6.

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Who is this?” responds Jason.

Also in Jason’s hospital room, Sam has some news for him.

He’s surrounded by get-well balloons and flowers as Sam tells him, rather unhappily, “I’ve been doing some thinking…”

Also in St. Petersburg

Seems like Russia’s on everyone’s minds lately, right, readers? Back at the clinic, Ava (Maura West) isn’t too happy. She has a talk with Klein.

“Please fix my face,” she practically spits through gritted teeth.

Klein looks dumbfounded and distracted in response.

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Happy, Happy

Over at Wyndemere, Valentin has some cheery, good tidings for Nina (Michelle Stafford).

She’s working at her desk, when he kneels down and coos, “Happy anniversary, my darling.”

She looks busy with work, but happy nonetheless.

Enlighten Me

Over drinks at Kelly’s, Finn (Michael Easton) wants more info on the imbroglio Anna (Finola Hughes) strong-armed  him into getting involved in.

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“How are you responsible for who Valentin Cassadine is,” he asks his current frenemy.

Anna looks a little reticent to tell the whole story.

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