Big News on Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones Status on GH

Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones as Kristina and Parker on General Hospital.

The bombshell storyline Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones are in the middle of leads them out of Port Charles…for now.

The Scoop So Far

The buzz on these two and their on-screen alter egos is that they’ll be gone from Port Charles at present and moving forward, according to our friend, Michael Fairman via Soap Opera Digest‘s latest print issue. However, as with everything in good ole’ soap land, things could change on a dime so don’t count these characters–and the talented actresses who portray them–out just yet.

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The same-sex, romantic pairing of Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and her former professor, Parker (Ashley Jones) certainly has generated much controversy among GH fans, from the lesbian and student/professor angles to the age difference between the two women. Now that their storyline has taken a shocking turn, as the recently reunited duo is heading to (what looks like permanently) Parker’s home state of Oregon – much to the chagrin of Kristina’s mom, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn)–the buzz, according to our good friend Michael Fairman via Soap Opera Digest, is that the roles will be gone from Port Charles at present and moving forward.

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Another Iron on the Fire, and an Intriguing Tweet!

Ainsworth, of course, garnered her first Daytime Emmy this year Outstanding Younger Actress for her powerful work in this particular storyline. She also is slated to appear on the TNT series Major Crimes, so she is keeping busy outside of GH. Jones, meanwhile, cryptically tweeted in response to a fan’s question about a possible GH return.

That, dear Soap Cities readers, sounds like they’ll be back. But maybe that’s wishful thinking on our parts, what do you think?

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Fan Opinion

As mentioned, fans were divided over the storyline. Will Kristina and Parker’s departure mean that we’ve seen the last of Pristinad? Or, might the duo return to Port Charles a couple, or face a different set of circumstances; say, a breakup and the ensuing fallout? Soap Cities readers, give us your opinions on what you think will or should happen with these two characters!

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  1. I, for one, am hoping this ‘couple’ doesn’t come back! I would like to have Kristina back, since she qualifies as a legacy character, but she can dump/leave Parker in Portland and come home to find a more suitable partner, be it female or male.
    Parker (WTF is her first name, anyway??) is certainly NOT a good fit for Kristina! The age difference alone is jarring, but the fact that Parker was MARRIED, and Kristina’s PROFESSOR, are two huge negative factors that make this relationship non-sustainable.
    Kristina needs to find a lover closer to her age!

  2. Well, SZima, as you know there certainly many opinions on this pairing and we are interested in hearing them. Thanks for yours – it will indeed be interesting to say the least on how this relationship plays out.

  3. Personally, I absolutely LOVE the Parker/Kristina relationship. The two actresses have incredible chemistry, the s/l is well-written… I honestly only watch the show for them! Please bring back AJ and LA! They are two incredible actresses who have truly brought these two intriguing women to life in an impactful way. #Pristina forever. 🙂

  4. Hi,Christine! Thank you for the article.One of the few that have a positive vibe.
    I really hope Pristina will be back soon.In fact sooner than we think.Their love story is just starting and have so much potential.Not only for its controversy but also for the extraordinary chemistry between Lexi and Ashley.It would be such a waste of good writing and storyline for GH.No wonder fans are so crazy about Pristina story and actresses involvement.

    • Hi to you, Angelinna! Thanks for the positive comment on the article, appreciate it! As I’d mentioned, there are so many opinions on this storyline and we at Soap Cities are interested in hearing them. Thanks for yours!

  5. I, for one, am hoping this “couple” DOES COME BACK!!! With Parker as her ONLY partner…who just happens to be female. Kristina said it herself that she’s, “Out and proud!” No homeboy for her ever again.

    Parker, IS her first name. Her last name is Forsyth. And when they come back, Kristina will have the same last name.

    And there’s no way in hell Kristina will pull a Bianca on All My Children and leave Parker in Oregon. It didn’t work or fly with fans and viewers then and it won’t now on GH.

    You wanna talk about age? I got news for you. Younger/older Older/younger relationships happen all the time. It’s nothing new. Hollywood has been doing it since the beginning of cinema. Wanna know why nobody complains about that? It’s because it’s usually portrayed between a man and a woman. If Parker was a man, trust me, nobody would be saying jack about it. It’s the only reason. Parker is older, yes, true, but…then again, Kristina is no child. She’s in her 20’s. Well over the legal age limit.

    Parker was married and Kristina was her student. “Was” being the operative word there. As in, no longer.

    Parker isn’t a stalker. She didn’t stalk Kristina or pursue her. Kristina pursued Parker. Parker is also, NOT, a pedophile. And since none of you idiots know what the word means, I’ll take it upon myself to define the word.

    Pedophile – noun – A person who is sexually attracted to children. To reiterate, Kristina is not a child. Someone who is clearly in their 20’s cannot be considered a child. If Kristina broke the law for example, the law could charge her as an adult and NOT as a minor. But let’s continue.

    Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Now please tell me…I beg of you, HOW can someone in their 20’s be considered a prepubescent child?!

    Predator – noun – An animal that naturally preys on others. Once again, I beg of you, PLEASE tell me how Parker preyed on Kristina? She never, not once, tricked Kristina into doing anything she didn’t want to do. Never seduced her. Never manipulated her. If anything, she only wanted to help her. Yes, there was an attraction there, BUT if anything else, Parker went out of her way to distance herself from Kristina and spurned any romantic notions Kristina threw her way. But Kristina persisted and defied her own family and ever dropped out of PCU just to be with the WOMAN, NOT MAN, she loves. If she had to, I bet she’d even take a bullet for Parker. Now if that’s not love, then I guess I have no concept whatsoever of what love is. Kristina never would of went after Parker if she didn’t love and care about her or if she thought there could never be a future between them.

    Bottom line: They love each other. They want to be together. There can never be anyone else for either of them.


  6. Yes, it would be remiss of GH to lose Emmy winner LA and Emmy worthy AJ. Phenomenal performances by both leads-the story-line and these characters deserve a chance.

    In 2016, despite limited screen time for Pristina, GH managed to create an organic, richly layered and beautifully crafted love story between two women. The writing was so, so good! The dichotomy between “sense” and “sensibility” is one of the lenses through which their relationship was (and continues to be) explored and, from a personal point of view, I loved every minute of their complicated relationship. It would have been a true testament to their commitment and understanding of a queer woman character had GH continued to explore these characters as both individuals and as a potential couple. Instead, nada!

    Fast forward to 2017 and it would be an understatement to assert that the writing and direction has been rather hit and miss. GH’s continued ambivalence to the Pristina relationship is regrettable to say the least. Neither character has been integrated into the canvas, neither are involved in major storylines with other major characters, and their individual story’s exists only within the confines of their relationship. This is reflected in a lack of screen time and a lack of character growth/development. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry remains and I’m still invested but, despite some lovely scenes and good writing in parts, the repeated dialogue, change in story telling direction (last 4 episodes of their storyline are without question rewrites), snail pace storytelling to the fastest lesbian u-haul in the history of television, double standards (Grava love scene and passionate kissing versus no Pristina love scene and cotton wool kissing), etc…have all left a sour taste in my mouth.

    General Hospital should seriously get their shit together, or leave the queer character storytelling to others. The actresses deserve better. The fandom deserves better. Queer women deserve better.

  7. I love this couple (Pristina) and hope they are back onscreen soon. The chemistry between the two actresses is undeniable. Love is love and as long as both are consenting adults age shouldn’t matter. Kristina was no longer her student and hadn’t been for 7 or 8 months, plus Parker was separated from her wife and getting divorced, when they slept together the first time.

  8. Watching the 2016 storyline between Kristina and Parker I find very astonishing. When Kristina discovered who she is as a person when she met Parker, the storyline was breathtaking. I enjoyed how and where the story was going for Kristina and Parker, let alone love scene making at the hotel room with a passionate kiss. As for their relationship as I have hoped they would continue as a couple even though Parker was going through a divorce at the time, it what makes the story very exciting where Kristina confirmed she couldn’t help but think about Parker, thinking something more would come along the way for the pair.

    Coming onto 2017 everything played out between Parker and Kristina, I did not like how you rolled out the storyline, first you made a very slow pace in order for Kristina to come out and proud, the next you change the story completely and it almost sounds like the storyline doesn’t make sense at all. What are you getting at? Every other characters has played out beautifully, with so many love making scene with some hot passionate kiss. Now where does Kristina and Parker come about with no love making scene and hot passionate kiss? You better make the storyline creative with hot passionate kiss and love making scene. Kristina and Parker deserve a true romance storyline. NO MATTER THE SEX!!! DO IT BETTER AND EXCITING

    What you have created is the most selfish shit you have created! I thought the storyline was going down the long-haul for the couple to be in a long term relationship. They need to be treated equally.

    Ashley Jones is the most phenomenal actress I’ve ever watched since Bold & The Beautiful and her emotions when it comes to acting is one jaw dropping to watch. I love watching Ashley!
    I don’t know much about Lexi Ainsworth, having to watch her as Kristina. Oh BOY that young lady surely can really ACT!!!! All emotions and standing up for herself was bewildered!!!! Thank goodness she has won an EMMY AWARD!!!!

    GH can you see where you have gone with such amazing talent and throwing away such great talent compared to the others that doesn’t have any talent compared to Ashley and Lexi?
    Bring Pristina Back!

  9. I’m so tired of this Parker is too old crap. Would these same people have the guts to tell Holland Taylor she is too old for Sarah Paulson? They are both adults and can date whomever they choose. It is not like Kristina is in high school. Parker is in love with Kristina and should be with her. If they make her cheat on Kristina I will be furious!! Soap operas always ruin the same sex storyline. I hope they don’t get rid of this couple because of haters!

  10. I’m so tired of this Parker is too old crap. Would these same people have the guts to tell Holland Taylor she is too old for Sarah Paulson? They are both adults and can date whomever they choose. It is not like Kristina is in high school. Parker is in love with Kristina and should be with her. If they make her cheat on Kristina I will be furious!! Soap operas always ruin the same sex storyline. I hope they don’t get rid of this couple because of haters!

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