Arianne Zucker’s Last Days Airdate Revised and Revealed

Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walker, on Days of Our Lives. Image courtesy of Marcia Howell Hensley and Days of Our Lives Secrets Revealed on Facebook.

Find out when we’ll really see the last of Arianne Zucker Nicole Walker in Salem!

Say It Ain’t So–Again!

The week of October 16th will be an emotional one for Days fans (of course, they all are!). It’ll feature Arianne Zucker’s (Nicole Walker) last appearance on Days of Our Lives as Nicole Walker.

Days guru and Soap Cities contributor Marcia Howell Hensley posted the following message in her Facebook fan group, Days of Our Lives Secrets Revealed (if you’re not already of Hensley’s group, join! It’s THE place to be for all Days fans).

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“ATTENTION MEMBER’S. NEXT WEEK NICOLE SAYS A EMOTIONAL GOODBYE TO SALEM. Ari (Nicole) final scenes will air next week. Week of October the 16th. Opinions? Marcia”

Her co-admin, Debbee Lewis posted, similarly:

Confirmed…Ari last airdate is Oct 20th. Will you miss her as Nicole?..Or are you glad she is leaving Salem?

Not So Long Ago

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When Arianne Zucker first made the pretty shocking announcement that she’d be leaving the show, she gave a couple interviews to the soap press on her decision. In one, she revealed that she’d taped her last scene in June of 2017.

We did, as many of you Days fans and Soap Cities readers surely did too, our Days taping schedule math in our heads and arrived at November as the month of her last air date. So if she’s leaving October 20th, that means the show may have reconsidered her swan song storyline and cut some of her last episodes. We guess that’s not all too surprising, as a new head writer has joined the show.

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We speak, of course, of Ron Carlivati, who we think has simply reinvigorated Days and made it a joy to watch again!

Anyway, we’re bummed to have to say goodbye to Ari so soon. But as we always say, this is daytime, and there’s no such thing as “never,” so we could very well see her on our Days screens once again!

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  1. I was very sad when I heard Ari was leaving Days, but her character has been ruined with this prolonged goodbye.
    I would hope she may come back someday, but hopefully she will have grown up and grown a spine! In the last year or so, how many friggen “one true loves” has she had??!!

  2. It will be sad that Nicole is leaving. I just wish it would have been another send off then the way Brady is acting toward her, blackmail etc. I wish her all the best

  3. Patricia Patterson

    I will miss Ari very much on the show. I hope when she does come back, she brings a BIG surprise to the show. I hope … When her and Eric made love, the writers will find a way for to have gotten secretly pregnant by Eric and has twins. She truly deserves to have a baby natural and having twins by Eric would be an added surprise. I would hope that Nicole and Eric would then be able to finally be that “Salem’s Power Couple”.

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