Amy’s Brother Chet is Cast on GH–And Played by Someone With a Very Familiar Name!

Actor Chris Van Etten, who will play Chet Driscoll on General Hospital.

Chris Van Etten is cast as the oft-mentioned but as-yet-never-never seen brother of Amy!

A True-Life Veteran Joins the GH Cast!

Now, if that moniker–Chris Van Etten–sounds familiar to you, our savvy readers and GH fans–it’s not a coincidence. Oh, wait–it is.

See Chris Van Etten is Co-Head Writer along with Shelly Altman at the ABC sudser. But that’s a totally different person, of course. This Chris is a veteran, model, and actor.

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GH’s Ask Man Landers storyline was built on the premise of Amy (Risa Dorken) raising money for her wounded vet brother Chet’s medical expenses. Well, now fans will get a chance to meet Chet, according to our fab friends at Soaps in Depth.

Chris Van Etten is the face of Jockey’s new ‘Show ’Em What’s Underneath’ ad campaign.
Credit: Jockey International
Credit: Jockey International

Van Etten, served in the Marine Corps and is a double amputee, having lost his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan, according to leading industry journo Michael Fairman. Van Etten has also modeled in a campaign for Jockey underwear and is a testament to achieving goals even through adversity.

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A Warm Welcome

One of the first of the cast to extend Van Etten a hello was future co-star Dorken. “My brother!” she tweeted. “You guys will love him as much as I do! Welcome to the GH (and Driscoll) family, Chris!”

Man Landers Lives?

With Chet on the scene, will Nathan make good on his intention to quit being the face of the Man Landers blog, what with the dizzying onslaught of late of fans showing up at his door, irritating both him and wife Maxie (Kirsten Storms)? Or, might he change his mind, given that the arrival of Chet could be a game-changer, despite having told Amy–much to her chagrin–to close down the blog? To say that we are interested to get the answer to that question is an understatement, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

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