Three Y&R Fan Faves Open Up, and Up, and Up on Their Wacky Love Triangle and Much More!

Gina Tognoni, Jason Thompson, and Amelia Heinle gab it up in Phyllis’ apartment on The Young and the Restless set./Image credit: YouTube.

Gina Tognoni, Jason Thompson, and Amelia Heinle dished on their steamy on-screen love triangle, and their individual characteristics that make the combination so volatile!

Proceed With Caution

Tognoni said Phyllis loves Billy deeply, which would explain why she’s willing to basically torch the rest of her relationships in her life to be with him, right dear Soap Cities readers?

“She’s got this type of past, and I don’t think she’s forgiven herself for everything’s she’s done, so I think it influences what she does,” Tognoni told Michael Fairman. See the full video below!

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Tognoni said she found fascinating Phyllis’ ability to be vulnerable yet occasionally vengeful.

She says they’ll all eventually find out what Victoria’s issue with her head injury and strange behavior is. But she remained tight-lipped beyond that!

All About Amelia…er, Victoria…

Heinle clearly relished the opportunity to tell a tantalizing tale of love with costars Tognoni and Jason Thompson (Billy Miller).

“Right now she’s focused more on business. Six months ago it was family,” Heinle said of the dual, dueling influences in her character’s life.

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“I think it’s a great opportunity to tell the story of strong women in the business place, how they handle family and all of those challenges, in a way that people want to see, Tognoni told our lovely friends at Soap Opera Digest (SOD) earlier this year.

“I’m loving Victoria being in a love triangle with Phyllis. It’s something spicy. Phyllis and Victoria are two totally different characters and I love it,” Heinle dished to SOD.

Theatrical Thompson

“As an actor it’s so fun to not feel like you have any boundaries and feel you can do anything, and this character welcomes that,” Thompson noted to Fairman with the same passionate intensity that he leaps out at you from the TV screen. Thompson’s is tempered by the maturity of adulthood, which Billy is still learning about, it seems.

Thompson observed that same wild tendency in both Billy and the early iteration of his character, Patrick on General Hospital.

“I think he [Billy] is a great character, and he reminds me a little bit of Patrick when he first got to GH, whereas he is a little reckless, and your kind of catching the character at a weird place, where he knows he has got to man up, but he has this burning desire to not relent, ever,” Thompson told Fairman in another interview, just before he came to Genoa City a little over a year ago.

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Thompson said Billy could end up with either Phyllis or Victoria…or alone! In Billy’s case, that really could be true–it could go any of those ways–and the suspense is killing us!

So, dear readers, what do you think of these actors’ takes on their characters? Do you love they’re “it takes three to tango” story or not?

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