Controversial, Former General Hospital Exec Barbara Bloom Returns as Show Writer

Barbara Bloom, a multi-soap executive alum will join the GH writing team!

Barbara Bloom, a veteran soap writer and daytime executive, is heading over to General Hospital.

Conflicting Reports

Bloom is set to write outlines at GH, reported our friend Jamey Giddens over at Daytime Confidential. An outline writer takes long-term story as envisioned by the head writers and plots it on a week-to-week basis, determining cliffhangers for the end of each week, said Jean Rouverol in her groundbreaking book, Writing for Daytime Drama. Additionally, the outline writer establishes what actors and sets are to be used each week.

“Bloom’s last daytime gig proved controversial among fans. As senior vice-president for CBS Daytime she helped develop the Let’s Make a Deal reboot that took the place of cancelled soap opera Guiding Light. Soon after, The Talk replaced As The World Turns under her stewardship,” Giddens noted.

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Though rumors had it that Bloom didn’t get along with Julie Chen, co-host of The Talk and wife of CBS president Les Moonves, and this contributed to her ouster from the network, our friend Michael Fairman reported something different.

Fairman maintained that things were essentially going too well over at CBS.

“There was not much left for her to do,” a source told Fairman.

Bloom’s Background

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During her previous tenure at ABC, Bloom was a Programming Executive at One Life to Live, even moving to the West Coast as a head of ABC Daytime West Coast. She helped develop General Hospital spin-off Port Charles. These roles helped daytime fans develop a generally favorable view of Bloom.

But then there was her less-daytime friendly stint at CBS.

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Well, dear Soap Cities readers, let’s just hope she’s responsible for only positive, pro-soap things during her upcoming outline writing gig at GH.

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