BREAKING: Did GH Star Maurice Benard Just Tweet Steve Burton is Jason ??

Steve Burton, who returns to GH this fall.

CO-WRITTEN BY:  Shawn Brady

UPDATE:  Maurice Benard responded to our tweet of this article !!!

GH star Maurice Bernard took to social media to answer fan questions, and he had one answer that caught our eye!

The Million Dollar Question

A fan queried Benard (Sonny Corinthos) during a Twitter ask-fest, “Do you prefer @1SteveBurton to be Jason again? How does it feel to work with him again?”

Benard had a blunt response: “Steve is Jason.” He even emphasized this point in a large-and-in-charge font.

One Twitter follower quipped, “Let the meltdowns begin.”

After said meltdowns began on Twitter, Benard tweeted some comments clarifying that he meant Burton will always be Jason to him.

When a Twitter follower asked him what he meant about Burton, he said the following:

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On-Screen Doubles, Double Meanings

Now, soap publications, including us at Soap Cities, dear readers, have been wondering who Steve Burton will play ever since his Port Charles comeback was announced.

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Clues About What’s to Come…

Shelly Altman, co-Head Writer at GH, said in the Fall Preview (September 11th) issue of Soap Opera Digest that Burton’s return, given that he has the OG Jason’s face, will affect almost everybody on the GH story canvas. “Where he has been and what he has done and what he has been through and who he actually is will be the questions that need answering and the the answers will surprise many people.” She hinted there will be “surprising connections” between Burton’s character and those who don’t know what the old Jason looks like and it will affect those who have accepted the NuJason (Billy Miller).

No matter which way it goes down, it’s going to be interesting to see how this “Tale of 2 Jasons” will unfold, won’t it dear readers?  That brings us to our next GH supercouple that will be the most affected…

So what about Jasam??

Altman teased “a man with the face that Jason once wore will affect Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco),” as they pursue their new life post-shooting. This mystery man will also of course affect Jasam and their relationship with Carson, comprised of Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).  We at Soap Cities have now dubbed them the “Core Four” of the show.

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So what do you make of all this dear readers? Do you think Benard was just expressing his sentiment that Burton will always be Jason to him, or did he let the cat out of the bag and leak a major spoiler and had to backtrack?!

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