B&B Star Don Diamont Wants $Bill to Rise From The Ashes Like a Phoenix!

Don Diamont, Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B love-to-hate-him fan fave Bill Spencer has been up to no good lately, to say the least!

Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break His Stride

Don Diamont thinks Bill (Don Diamont) should be exposed and punished for causing the fire that brought the Spectra Warehouse to the ground, he told one of the soap industry’s premier journos, Michael Logan.

Apparently, Diamont is as full of surprises as his alter ego $Bill Spencer.

“So I’m fine if Bill’s world collapses around him because I know he would fight like hell for a comeback,” Diamont said. Kinda…sexy, no, readers?

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Diamont hinted that Liam’s (Scott Clifton) plan to essentially blackmail his father into facing justice with the tape recording of him confessing to arson isn’t going to work. He said $Bill has a little something on Liam to make him see things $Bill’s way! Brrr–that is cold-hearted, even for $Bill! It is hard, of course, to imagine $Bill being able to look as immaculately groomed in prison as he is on a regular basis, so we can understand why he’d do anything to avoid it.

Diamont likened $Bill’s thoughts on family to a mafia mentality. Loyalty is everything to him.

“If Liam murdered somebody, Bill would bury the body. That’s how we do things in the Spencer family,” Diamont said.

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Reasons to Be Ruthless

Even long-time viewers of B&B might be a little taken aback by $Bill’s cutthroat mentality lately, not to mention Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) blithe attitude about her partner’s savage approach to business.

However, Diamont noted, Spencer Publications is $Bill’s first-born child, in a way. He’s put so much into it, he’ll do anything to make it succeed.

“He loves his boys, however, he didn’t have them for most of his life and he doesn’t need them for the rest of it. But the company goes on!” the hunky actor opined to Logan.

Two Sides to Every Story

Despite the borderline lunatic behavior $Bill’s been exhibiting of late, Diamont had an insightful take on his character’s value to the B&B story canvas.

“I guess I’m biased, but I certainly feel like Bill can, in many occasions, be the straw that stirs the drink, so to speak. He’s just that kind of character,” Diamont said in an interview with our fab friends at Soap Central last year.

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Well, that’s true, even when he’s cheating on his wife with her sister, or telling his niece’s ex she has cancer so he’ll say with her.

It’s always nice to see how soap actors really take into their hearts and see the good in their characters, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

Well, we’re going to go get our back issues of Playgirl from 1988 and 1995 out now. They featured on the cover and inside none other than Donny Diamont himself. Is it getting hot in her? Diamont started a fire in us, too!

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