GH Setside Spoilers Leaked: Sam A Free Woman & Jason Dying and in Surgery

OLTL vet Sean Ringgold was on the GH set and tweeted some spoiler video.

Daytime vet Sean Ringgold was on the General Hospital set and unintentionally spoiled some fascinating info about what’s to come with Steve Burton’s return, which a GH-related Twitter account shared about!

Quiet on the Set–But Not Totally!

Ringgold, who One Life to Live fans know as Shaun Evans, paid a visit to the General Hospital set on Friday, August 4. He filmed a video of himself with EP Frank Valentini in the control room while Kelly Monaco (Sam), Billy Miller (Jason), Laura Wright (Carly), and Maurice Benard (Sonny) shot a scene. The Twitter account @ghaccount posted the video this past weekend!  Here’s what we know about the twitter account:  she is a major Kelly Monaco fan!!  Her description: ~MONACO MAFIA SQUAD~ #KeMo & #SamFF, Samiel, SamScout, Davis Girls, #Samtrick, #Jasam. #GH & various shows — Gorgeous banner made by my soulmate Zen.

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Don’t Tease Us–But Do!

Jason, apparently, will be in the hospital, injured and undergoing surgery.

Sam is distraught, to the point of neglecting her own needs. Carly insists she eat, as the Corinthos couple offers their support to her. So, it looks like Carly and Sonny will forgive her for mowing Sonny down!

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Will this, dear Soap Cities readers, be how Steve Burton’s return takes shape? Will he lend blood or an organ to…well, himself?

And the Most Dramatic Couple Award Goes To…

That’s quite a feat in soaps, being the most put-upon couple in a genre in which all couples experience the most rocky relationships imaginable. Honestly, though, it seems like Sam and Jason could win the award for the couple who never stops seeing more than its share of upheaval.  We should be seeing these spoilers in the next several weeks or so, since GH tapes closer to its airdate!

And it’s only going to get more intense!

Executive Producer Valentini teased lots of intriguing info himself about what lies ahead as Burton’s on-screen return nears (he’s already on-set, according to Ringgold’s video).

Valentini dropped hints at an industry event this weekend that there very well may be a “Tale of Two Jasons” going on. But, he bristled at the idea that know-it-all fans (our words, not his), which soap fans can tend to be, let’s face it, think they have it all figured out.

Before You Go: Weigh in–are you glad Burton’s returning?!

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  1. Once again, I couldn’t care any less about the return of St. Steven! 😴
    I will tune in to see exactly who he’s playing, with and how they explain his reincarnation ⚰️, but I will probably FF his scenes once again, just like I did before he left GH and most of the time he was on Y&R.
    I’ve never understood the adoration 😍 this actor receives, but…that’s just me.
    (Well, maybe a few other people out there feel the way I do 😂 )

    • I don’t think steve burton should come back as anybody , to me he is a traitor he left gh on his own and now billy is playing the part and doing a great job , leave well enough alone, let steve go get a job elsewhere , I don’t see where he is all that great any way.

  2. Rose Marie Ware

    Looking forward to Steve Burton’s return….Can’t wait to see how he will come back on the scene…..I can’t wait for Micheal, Carly, Sonny, Monica, Liz, Spinelli, and most of all how Sam will receive him….We know he can be calm and cool in stressful situations…..How will he respond to the fact that Jake is alive, that Danny is his biological son, and Robin is not dead…..Let’s Get It On….. 🙂

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