General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, August 9th: Griff and Kiki Try to Help Ava

Ava, Kiki, and Griffin, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 9th, tease lots of captivating drama in Port Charles. So read on, and then tune in!

We Cordially Reach Out to You

Over at the Jerome siblings’ pad, Ava (Maura West) is paid a visit by two people rather invested in her recovery: Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Kiki (Hayley Erin).

Griffin tells Ava the two of them are there because they were hoping Ava would join them for lunch–not in the apartment, where she’s essentially been holed up since her discharge from GH.

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Ava looks very skeptical in response.

What Will She Do Next?

What are Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) feelings toward Julian (Jerome) these days? Julian, at the courthouse with Scott (Kin Shriner), wonders if Alexis might try to see that he goes to jail.

Meanwhile, at Kelly’s, Alexis daughters tell her they’re hoping she’s not going to try to “save” Julian.

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To that last one, Alexis gives a, “mum’s the word,” look!

Also at Kelly’s, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) is seated at a table and suddenly yells out, “That lady!” and points in the direction of the main entrance.

Hayden’s Got It Hard

Jared goes looking for Hayden at the hospital, asking Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) if she’s seen his ex around.

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Finally, the truth is out about Jared and Hayden, and Finn (Michael Easton) asks Hayden why she didn’t just tell him about the situation.

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