General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, August 24th: Julian Wants to Testify!

Julian Jerome in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, August 14th, foretell that the soapy wackiness in Port Charles never takes a summer break!

Are You Joking, Julian?

Thursday, Julian (Will deVry) has an idea, but it might not qualify as what you’d call a “lightbulb moment!” Over at the courthouse, he tells Scott (Kin Shriner): “Put me on the stand. Let me tell my story.” Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is pretty shocked at the idea, as is Scott. Now, the problem wouldn’t be when Scott questioned him, but when the prosecutor cross-examined. He could crucify Julian!

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Let Lucy Know

A real estate agent’s work is never done, right, dear Soap Cities readers? Toward the end of the week in Port Chuckles, Lucy (Lynn Herring) broaches an uncomfortable topic with Finn (Michael Easton). She tells him she needs to know what he wants to do with the house he and Hayden had planned on sharing. Anna (Finola Hughes) is present for this awkward exchange and whips her head over to the Finn upon hearing Lucy’s request!

A Surprise That’ll Make You Smile!

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At the Crimson offices, Nina (Michelle Stafford) is hard at work, when who should show up but Va-Va-Va-Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He says he has just the thing to cheer her up! Could it be Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez)? That’s our guess, readers!

Hindsight Is 20/20

Even when your eyes are full of tears, as Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) are Thursday. She and Jason (Billy Miller) are having a heart-t0-heart, and she wonders out loud about something. “I don’t know why I didn’t ask you for help.”

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Cool It, Carly!

Casa Corinthos is home to a heated argument, which is often the case, let’s be honest! Carly yells, “We always trusted each other! What happened to that?!’ Sonny is tight-lipped and looks to be in one of those moods in which he simply doesn’t respond, so as not to get sucked into an argument.

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