BREAKING: Will deVry Reaches Deal to Stay at General Hospital !!!


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Great news General Hospital fans!  General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini tweeted William DeVry is staying in Port Charles as fan fave Julian Jerome!!

Will deVry Makes Deal with ABC to Stay at GH!!

Valentini tweeted the exciting news Friday night around 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT.  We will bring you the details as soon it as becomes available.

Prior to the negotations, Will deVry spoke candidly about how his contract negotiations got to the uncertain place they are today.  However, he does have a positive spin on the stalled negotiations:  “The good news is we are super close to a resolution, and I hope that it is good news.”

#Julexis Lives!!!

Now that William deVry will be coming back to the canvas, we can look forward to great acting with our fan fave actor and of course more Julexis scenes!!!  It appears Nancy Lee Grahn agrees with us too.  Isn’t that great dear Soap Cities readers?!

Tough Road to Resolution

deVry felt his devoted fans got the short end of the stick more than anyone, as his role hung in the balance.  The show didn’t renew his contract when it expired in June.  The daytime alum and fan fave opened up to our friend Michael Fairman, one of the industry’s premier journalists, in a typically insightful and in-depth interview.

“I feel bad for the fans, really,” de Vry said.

He added that there is no one really to blame for his stalled contacts talks, as everyone wants them to work out. But everyone involved has their own goals that sometimes conflict, and there is only so much money to go around in a soap budget.

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The actor met up with fans at General Hospital Fan Club Weekend recently, and he said there was one common thread in his conversations with them. They simply didn’t understand what was taking so long with his contract renewal.

“They don’t understand. They just don’t get it. They don’t know why it’s taking so long to get it done,” deVry said of talking to his fans.  Well dear readers, we are happy to report that no longer matters anymore!!

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What He’s Been up to since being off GH

Once he was written off the show, deVry, didn’t mention anytime looking for other work, noting that he has several leads as far acting gigs, including one on the NBC show Taken.

He had high praise and hopes for his work with two GH actors in particular, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) with whom he’s shared many intense storylines with.

“As far as the story goes and character-wise, I love the challenge that they gave me where he has to go to the edge and then pull it back in trying to redeem himself [with Alexis],” he said. “Nancy is a pain in the ass [laughs], but we have had so much fun and that made for some great scenes.

“I think the only person I drove nuts a little bit was Maurice Benard,” he joked.

GH Boss Frank Valentini Shows Love for deVry !!

Michael Fairman also interviewed GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini at the Summer Television Critics Association (TCA’s) this past weekend and here’s what he had to say about our popular GH star:   “I love Will.  He and I get along really great.

What’s Next for #Julexis?

Valentini was vague when it came to the future of #Julexis.  “In terms of story, Julian may be doing time in jail, but hopefully it will all work out, and we can tell a really satisfying story for everyone.  We want to make sure that we tell it in a way that is true, too, from both Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) side, and Julian’s side.”

Nancy Lee Grahn Statement on deVry & #Julexis:

Not surprisingly, Nancy Lee Grahn opened up about her take on deVry’s and #Julexis to Fairman, who was on a roll this past weekend at the TCA’s!   “I would love for him to come back.”

Re: #Julexis, NLG said it’s going to be a tough road to get back on track, since both characters come from “violent families.  I would love for them to continue this story in an appropriate and realistic way.  They both come from very violent families, and it makes sense that they would be together. The characters just need to both understand and dig deep as to why they are there, and go through that, and come out the other side. Alexis and Julian are addicted to each other, and that has to be addressed.”

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deVry noted that Julian’s story has in no way been exhausted and there’s a lot more to tell about his journey.  And now that Julian is coming back we have faith his redemption and Julexis story will be entertainingly told for us viewers!!!

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