Y&R Star Melody Thomas Scott on Nikki’s MS Flare-Up and Piano Virtuosity!

Melody Thomas Scott, Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless.

Y&R icon Melody Thomas Scott gives the goods on Nikki and her ever-growing domestic and health crises!

At Odds with Victor–So What Else is New?

Y&R fans know Victor (Eric Braeden) is forcing Nikki to be the entertainment at his charity event, despite an MS flare-up. Scott had strong words about this story.

“It even pisses me off! The gall of that guy [Victor]. If somebody did this to me in real life, I’d be so mad I’d be doing everything possible to get out of it. But Nikki can’t because she’s the pillar of the community, and what would people say? Also, she knows this concert is an opportunity to raise a lot of money for MS research. The tickets are sold. It’s too late. She can’t back out now. [Laughs]. And she’s being such a bitch about it,” Scott told Michael Logan of TV Insider.

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The End with Victor?

Of course, Nikki (Scott) and Victor have an almost 40 year history together, so walking away from their relationship would certainly be a rather fraught decision for Nikki. However, Thomas Scott admits that this latest bump in the road does make the tear greater in whatever fabric their union has left.

“I believe this is now the longest running love affair in soap history–and that’s either due to Nikki’s generosity of heart or her stupidity. Behind closed doors, she and Victor are yelling and growling but they’re still smiling in public and carrying on this great charade. They want everyone to think they’re happy campers. [Laughs]. We all know what that’s like! But yeah, she’s disgusted with herself for putting up with him for so long and letting him get away with murder. In her mind, this is the end.”

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Thomas Scott also dished that eventually, she thinks that Nikki should find a worthy guy and leave Victor in the dust. “She needs to start seeing other men and not just to get Victor’s goat, though it certainly would do that!” she said. “Of course, for the sake of her own sanity, she should be with absolutely no one right now. She needs to learn to live by herself and be happy. But when did Nikki ever make the right choice?”

Piano Prodigy

All Nikki’s drama aside for a moment, what fans might not know is, in addition to being a tremendously talented actress, Thomas Scott is also an accomplished pianist! What you see when she tickles the ivories on camera is authentic indeed. She makes it look effortless; however, to hear her tell it, it’s not as easy for her as it looks.

“A million years ago I used to play the piano a lot on the show and it’s always put pressure on me,” she admitted. “It’s why I got out of my piano major when I was in college. I used to have panic attacks at 17 because everyone in my life–my family, my professors–all decided I was going to be a concert pianist. That’s what everybody desired except me. But now I’m very grateful I know how to play. I enjoy playing at home for the family or by myself. But I would never give a concert. Too much stress.”

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