Remember When These Classic Soaps Went Supernatural?

Classic soaps, such as The Colbys, have featured numerous sci-fi storylines.

Classic soaps, both daytime and nighttime, have had their fair share of out-of-this-world storylines.

Alien Invaders!

Storylines where beings from other planets visit the canvas aren’t so “out there,” pardon the pun. Take, for example, The Colbys, that 1980’s offshoot of fan fave Dynasty. Remember when Fallon (Emma Samms, ex-Holly, GH) was the victim of an alien kidnapping? How about 1990’s General Hospital spaceman storyline, when Casey (Bradley Lockerman) from the planet Lumina landed in Port Charles. His search for the crystal that would be the ticket back to his home planet became the main focus in the story. Throw in some intrigue with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and you’ve got quite the caper, according to Syfy Wire.

Oh, yes, What alien storyline wouldn’t be complete without a little romance thrown in? Turns out Anna (Finola Hughes) had a dalliance with a Casey lookalike named Shep (same actor, natch!), after Casey blasted back off into the stratosphere. (Kids, we can’t make this stuff up!)

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Seeing Double and Demonic Possession!

Speaking of doubles, Guiding Light ventured into such territory in 1994 when Reva, (Kim Zimmer), who was stranded on a desert island and assumed deceased, was–that’s right–cloned. Seems that her boyfriend, Josh (Robert Newman) missed her, so what’s a guy to do? Create her double, of course! Not only that, he administered an anti-aging serum to said clone. Of course, Reva turns up alive, ends up battling it out with her clone, who meets her own end after overdosing on said serum. It seems that clone gal was despondent that she could never have Josh’s love.

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Days of Our Lives‘ Marlena (Deirdre Hall), in a nod to that classic, creepy scream fest The Exorcist, found herself inhabited by a demon spirit. John Black, (Drake Hogestyn) summoning up his skills from his former vocation as a priest, drove the demon out via an exorcism.

All these plots are dizzying, right? Well, dear readers, brace yourselves for the number one winner for truly out-of-this-world soap tales.

Passions–A Plethora of Paranormal Plots!

Ah, yes, That outrageous, yet always entertaining soap of days past, Passions, gets first prize when it comes to storylines that indeed stretch the imagination. These range from one cousin attempting to eliminate the other via selling her soul to a witch, dolls coming to life–remember Timmy (the late Josh Ryan Evans), sorceress Tabitha’s (Juliet Mills) cute cohort–a girl morphing into a panther, then a dog; to an entire cast of characters meeting their demise due to poisonous wedding food, only to be–wait for it–revived back to the land of the living thanks to Tabitha’s spell.

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The list of other, mind-bending storylines from this soap goes on and on from there. Yes, there were plots that were down to earth on this show (which ran from 1999-2008), centering on the mortal world. Yet, the crazier storylines that writers interspersed with the “normal” ones helped to set Passions apart from other soaps and kept it unique and certainly entertaining, right, dear Soap Cities readers?

If you want to see the video of classic sci-fi soap stories, you can take a look at them here:

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