General Hospital Casting Mystery Tweets–What Do They Mean?!

General Hospital notables, Will deVry, Vanessa Marcil, and Frank Valentini!

Can you handle it, dear readers–another General Hospital casting shakeup is coming. Who is the next to come or go?

Very Valentini!

Die-hard GH fans know that Frank Valentini is an active Tweeter who often drops hints on the social media site about exciting things to come at the ABC sudser.

He said another GH casting announcement is coming tomorrow!

With the return of Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan) impending and the even more recent news of Rebecca Budig’s (Hayden Barnes) leaving the show (worst casting decision ever!), who knows what it could be, right, readers? Let’s speculate!

Don’t Ask, Says deVry!

In a Twitter Q&A with fans, Will deVry, who was last seen on the set a few weeks ago, said his contract status is still a “hot” situation, and he can’t comment on it.

Va-Va-Va Vanessa!

Meanwhile, one of GH’s most enduring, beloved stars, Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda Barrett), has been talking about GH a lot on Twitter herself.

Though there seems to almost always be a rumor that she’s returning to the show–and she has several times over the years, she hasn’t said anything definite about her return to Port Charles.

But with Sonny’s troubles lately, will she swoop in to save the day! It seems more than plausible, likely, even, to us!

Below, see what she said about the actresses who’ve played Carly Corinthos!

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  1. I would love for Brenda to come back but she never stays long, and Julian please stay with GH your a great actor and very handsome 😉❤

  2. Oh god..”one of GH’s most enduring, beloved stars”??? Really?

    Most of the posts I’ve read, every time this rumor starts, up are very negative, and people do not want Vanessa/Brenda back! I wasn’t watching during her initial time on the show, but I’ve witnessed some of her returns, and they have not been well received.

    Please, do not bring Vanessa/Brenda back!

    I’d rather Hayden/Rebecca stayed on!

  3. Rather have Hayden!!!!!!!! We are already wrapped in her story, Liz.needs some family, invested in her story, Brenda is so 80’s leave her there, she is no use for anything, let Oscar be someone’s child who didn’t know about his birth!!!!!

  4. Oh God, please no. I can not handle another Brenda return. The actress just does not have “it” anymore. I LOVED Brenda back in the day, and loved Vanessa on Las Vegas and 90210, but I don’t what’s happened but she’s not the same. Brenda is not the same. I’ve been annoyed every time she’s come back and it never works out.

    Add on the fact that Vanessa has been a little… crazy…. with fans lately, ranting and fighting on twitter, saying horrible things about other GH cast members, I don’t think it’d be a good idea. And I can say, those would definitely be scenes I’d FF through, tho I do that with a lot of scenes lately….

    • Akbi Khan

      Who did she say bad things about? We missed it, Kayla! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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