Fan Shares Moving Tribute to OLTL and Hope for Its Future!

One Life to Live was born on July 15th FORTY NINE years ago.

One Life to Live mega-fan and leader in the Save Our Soaps movement, Justin Brockwell, posted to Facebook an impassioned tribute to the ABC sudser.

On This Day

Forty-nine–yes 49!–years ago, on July 15th, One Life to Live premiered on the Alphabet Network, ABC.

Brockwell wrote a mini-essay on why One Life to Live is special and so valuable.

Because We Only Have Three Lives to Live

Brockwell, who’s an active part of the vibrant movement to bring OLTL back to our screens, also encouraged ABC to give OLTL a third chance and bring it back to our screens.

Brockwell noted why OLTL’s pioneering socially relevant storylines a la creator Agnes Nixon mattered, and how the touched his life personally.

See his post below.

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