Fan Posts Impassioned Blog Post to Keep Will deVry on GH!

Will deVry, who plays Julian Jerome on General Hospital.

GH fan and blogger Meghan K. Winchell made convincing argument to keep Julian’s portrayer, Will deVry on the soap!

Undeniable Chemistry

Now that it’s been reported that contract negotiations with the soap and deVry have broken down, and word is that he might not be returning to his very popular role as Julian, Winchell offered a compelling post on her website arguing for him to stay. The piece cites, among other things, deVry’s off-the-charts magnetism with his onscreen love Alexis (Nancy Grahn), with whom the character is determined to get back together despite their divorce and the messy (to say the least!) circumstances leading up to it.

“Today fans cannot avoid news about the latest contract dispute plaguing their favorite actor and when faced with losing a beloved character they directly challenge network decisions; a pattern networks must be aware of,” the post reads, in part. “That’s why GH’s recent decision to allow William deVry’s contract negotiations to ‘breakdown’ requires the Julexis Army to mobilize.”

Sibling Synchronicity!

The post also mentioned deVry’s great screen pairing with his onscreen half-sister, Ava (Maura West). Indeed, now that she’s battling life threatening burns at GH, one can see Julian’s genuine concern for her and how their scenes together create that “sibling sizzle” without veering into incest territory! This screen partnership also figures into Winchell’s assertion that it’s not only Alexis with whom Julian has chemistry. “The fact that deVry sparks with nearly every female he encounters onscreen attests to his irreplaceability,” the post also says.

Petition Power and The Ties that Bind

Of course, when a popular character is threatened with being a soap goner, the inevitable petitions will arise to keep or bring the character back. It’s no different in deVry’s case, as the blog notes.

“The Julexis Army has activated its troops with petition and social media campaigns in an effort to save William deVry’s job and Alexis’s love life.” Alexis and Ava aside for a moment, there are so many other characters who interact with the supposed reformed mobster and with whom so much story could be mined; namely, his estranged daughter, Sam (Kelly Monaco); his equally distant son, Lucas (Ryan Carnes); his nemesis Sonny (Maurice Benard); and, of course, little Leo, his son with Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) with whom he has barely interacted, at least onscreen.

What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers? Do you agree with Winchell?

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Christine is a native New Yorker and freelance writer who now lives in southwestern Connecticut. She is a longtime, avid soap fan who has always had an affinity for ABC soaps, in particular her favorite, General Hospital. (She will even tell you she sleeps, eats and breathes that soap!) She is passionate about the soap genre, and in addition she enjoys traveling, attending plays and musicals, reading biographies and various pursuits in between. She was a political science/history major, English minor and has published a book of paranormal short stories under her nom de plume, Prudence MacGregor.

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  1. I like/love William DeVry, but I HATE Julian!

    In my mind, Julian is NOT redeemable and I’d be happy to have him gone! And, he can take his irredeemable sister with him! How is it that these two characters have gotten away with so many horrible things…including murder…and have yet to actually pay for any of it?

    But then, Sonny has gotten away with everything, including murder, during his reign of terror, so he should ALSO be gone!

    I know all soaps have got their “baddies,” but are any of them as “glorified” as the slugs are on General Hospital???

    • Oddly enough I really like Julian his sister on the other hand can’t believe she has gotten away with as much as she has even now she is playing the poor poor pitiful me how is it the cops are not doing anything?

  2. I love Julian & Will DeVry!! Julexis is my very favorite!! I love his interactions with all the actors & actresses, espically Kelly Monaco!! He is such an awesome person & actor, not to keep him!! I think GH will be making a big big mistake if they let him get away!!!

  3. Keep William deVry as Julian. He is the best Julian Jerome, has great chemistry (love or hate) with numerous actors on the show, and a very talented actor. It’s daytime drama, doesn’t matter what his character does. However, the writers can redeem his character a bit. At least enough to get the haters to lighten up a bit. I dvr the show and watch it at night or whenever I can and it is a great getaway from everyday hard work. His character is one a few that has kept me drawn to the show and from what I’ve seen on line, there are a lot of fans who feel the same way. There are other characters that have brought nothing to the show that can be cut for a source of funds to keep the great actors and more exciting characters. Save William deVry and you can save GH in the long run.

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