The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Tuesday, June 27th: Julius Continues Needling Nicole

Nicole and Julius, in The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, June 27th, predict that Julius keeps hammering away at Nicole in the Lizzie situation.

Please Don’t Sign Here

A sad, quiet Nicole (Reign Edwards) tells her father she hasn’t signed the legal papers yet that would make Lizzie officially, undoubtedly Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya’s (Karla Mosley).

Julius (Obba Babatunde) points to another “sign” that Lizzie should be with her “real” mother–Nicole.

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Zende (Rome Flynn) says Julius is fomenting all this discord and that he needs to stop messing with Nicole’s head.

Maya, for her part, is still unsure why Nicole can’t see that she, Maya, is Lizzie’s mother!

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New Allies–and More?

Wyatt (Darin Brooks) looks a little too happy, if you know what we at Soap Cities mean, dear readers, as he says Katie (Heather Tom) will pleasantly surprise the top brass at Forrester and she’ll be a real asset to them.

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There’s only one way to describe his sly grin–love!

Meanwhile, Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) and RJ (Anthony Trupel) make their relationship official. Ugh, call us old-fashioned, but we’re hoping they’re not doing the deed already! Aren’t they a little young?! Perhaps, again, we’re just old-fashioned…

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  1. i think nichole needs to sign those papers and quit acting stupid, she agreed on having the baby for them so sign the darn papers already and live a good life with yor husband. its to soon to have a baby anyways you just got married.

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